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It's One Minute Until Midnight!

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Nancy B. the artist I told you about who YAHUSHUA sent me to, was given a prophecy and I had the privilege of being used to prophesy to her that she was the one that was to paint "One Minute Until Midnight."  YAHUSHUA used her to bring the vision I had and he gave her confirmation as we both confirmed much of what is seen in the picture.  

For instance I saw Gabriel and Michael in white tunics and YAHUSHUA in white robe trimmed in gold. I knew the angels wore gold also...we confirmed without even discussing it! I saw Gabriel has having Golden blonde hair, and the style and Michael has black hair, and YAHUSHUA has dark hair and blue eyes, again this was confirmed!  

The anointing came upon Nancy when I called her on the phone as directed and her daughter anointed her with olive oil as I prayed in the power of the Holy Spirit! Nancy said she could barely stand she felt like she was going to fall! as the power of Almighty God came upon her and her head, hands, feet, ears, eyes, and heart was anointed!  I prayed in tongues and Nancy felt the Power of the Holy Ghost come upon her in a mighty Way! For YAHUSHUA ha Mashiach's Glory Alone! Thank You YAHUSHUA!  

I want to tell you Thank you for your prayers, for when I saw this picture for the first time she finished in on 3/6/98 and I had just received the photographs of it, as well as the scanned picture you see here now.  It takes a lot to take my speech away but when I saw it I feel like I have been to Heaven! 

I could barely speak!  I was having a hard time
speaking English and stuttering !  I felt spacey, like my spirit was in Heaven and my body here on Earth! This lasted all evening!   Please don't judge this picture by the scanned picture you can't begin to understand how this does NOT reflect the beauty.  The computer cannot duplicate the GOLD Metallic and Shiny!  Great details on every face and every item! Nancy has seen Heaven and she has painted what no one has painted before!   YAHUSHUA has two tears coming down the right side of his face. 

Read the One Minute Until Midnight prophecy again and you will see the vision Nancy brought to LIFE in this picture and understand THIS IS REALLY YAHUSHUA !  

GABRIEL looks like he is portrayed and Michael also. YAHUSHUA sweated drops of blood at the Garden of Gethsemane. I believe he has two tears of blood coming from his eyes in Heaven for the grief of the lost grieves him so.   I didn't see Archangel Michael on the steps but I saw him awaiting the orders of the Father ready to send his Angelic troops into WAR to come take US home!  

You didn't think there was going to be a Heavenly War when YAHUSHUA comes again for HIS bride!   What Nancy saw is even more exciting for she saw Michael running up the stairs for he has been summoned by the Father God YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Michael's sword is drawn and it is SO BEAUTIFUL!  And he is ready for BATTLE as he is called into action to give orders to his Angelic Troops!    

Gabriel, look carefully his face, has the creases for his cheeks are puffed and ready to sound the Shofar trumpet ! Look at the detail of his tunic!  We had confirmation on this! Examine Michael's handsome face, a look of a warrior! both are built rugged and very strong!  Notice the rippling muscle's in his arms and legs!  Don't think the Painting even begins to compare with this scanned picture. TRUST ME YOU WON'T BELIEVE YOUR EYES!    

YAHUSHUA OH precious YAHUSHUA!  His hair is so thick and wavy and dark...neatly groomed beard..well he is GOD after all and his crown sparkles with gems and Gold unlike this earth can imagine. Gold everywhere! He kneels on a blood red carpeting for that is the covering of HIS bride is it NOT?   His two tears coming down his face for he weeps for those that will be left behind! 

The ones he grieves the
most for are those that think they are on the way to Heaven and instead will be left behind and go to HELL!  For they have a religion NOT a RELATIONSHIP with Almighty GOD YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.  Those that think they can live UNHOLY and see how close to HELL they can live and still make HEAVEN he weeps for!  They have been deceived!    

Anyone who has prayed to another saint to intercede for them or even his MOTHER Mary instead of going directly to YAHUSHUA for HE alone is the ONLY INTERCESSOR !  It is HIS Shed blood that washes away our Sin!  YAHUSHUA Christ took our place at Calvary and NO ONE else's name under Heaven or Earth can we pray too and expect to be saved, or expect Father God YAHUVEH to answer our prayers! Its in the name of YAHUSHUA Messiah alone!  

He is the ONLY gate the ONLY WAY, the ONLY TRUTH, the
ONLY LIFE!  THE ONLY SACRIFICE that is a PERFECT SINLESS SACRIFICE who paid the ULTIMATE PRICE FOR OUR SINS!  But don't be mislead this doesn't mean we purposely sin because he paid the price!  Because we LOVE him we must OBEY him!  The Holy Spirit keeps us from purposely sinning because we want to be Holy as HE is Holy! Nancy saw a gate that Michael is touching as he ascends the stairs!  She didn't know the reason the Holy Spirit drew that through her was because YAHUSHUA CHRIST IS THE ONLY GATE! WE ENTER INTO HEAVEN'S GATES WITH THANKSGIVING AND PRAISE! 

This isn't an ordinary gate though, it has Pillars! A golden gate with Pillars!  We are to be Pillars of righteousness!   Nancy didn't know that either but the Holy Spirit explained it to me. Nancy saw the crosses behind the throne. The Holy Spirit took her hand and just started painting lots of crosses!  She was amazed! Those crosses are like a Holographic image behind the throne of our Heavenly Father God YAHUVEH and it reminds the Father of the price YAHUSHUA paid for US! 

I told Nancy I saw Angesl and they had their faces
covered with their wings and they were weeping and grieving seeing YAHUSHUA weep and grieve!   For as much as he rejoices at coming to take US his bride home, he also grieves for those that will be left behind, and those that will go to HELL!  YAHUSHUA doesn't know the time or day he is coming, for he waits for the Father God YAHUVEH to tell him....If it was up to YAHUSHUA he would just keep delaying because he doesn't want any to be LOST!  

But Father has a time and season and he has let YAHUSHUA know and his prophets know the time is nigh! He has shown the clock hanging in the air the hands are metallic Gold and although there is NO Clock in Heaven there is NO other way to portray to US for it is" One Minute Until Midnight and YAHUSHUA Christ comes in the Midnight hour!"  One more interesting notation...Nancy is a New Born Again Christian.  She was saved in a Messianic Church.

told her that in my vision Father YAHUVEH is on his throne and everyone was waiting for his Orders. Gabriel ready to blow his horn, Michael ready to receive orders to go into battle with his angelic troops!  YAHUSHUA weeping and praying interceding for the people, The Angels weeping and grieving for Almighty God YAHUSHUA is grieving.  YAHUSHUA waiting for the orders to go and get HIS bride and take US home! Nancy and I didn't see the face of the Father God YAHUVEH not even in my vision.    

When it came time to draw YAHUVEH she prayed and said Father I don't want you getting angry with me for not making you look good enough, so please Holy Spirit draw HIM for me.  This is what she saw, A bright LIGHT coming from the throne of Almighty God YAHUVEH!  No face or form ,only the brightest Light imaginable!  I see a Cross in that light do you? a white cross!  Nancy didn't know this till I told her what I saw.  The Holy Spirit drew this, he used her anointed hands as they shook before she started painting and he drew the bright Light!  Awesome huh?

I told Nancy I am NOT surprised about her NOT seeing
Almighty God YAHUVEH our Heavenly Father...for NO man hath seen him and Lived!  Moses seen his back, and felt his hand but the bible says YAHUSHUA has been seen but NOT YAHUVEH!  In Heaven I believe we will see him but will we see a face or form or just the same bright light Nancy saw?  I can't wait to find out.  

I have prayed on a dollar amount low enough for even the poor to afford, for YAHUSHUA's anointing NO man or woman can put a price tag on it.  If you want this painting and it would be a perfect gift for you or your Church or loved ones. Please e-mail me and let me know. We are going to pay to have the prints made which are quite expensive!  You can see why I need the money upfront to be quite honest the ministry doesn't have this kind of money.  So if you want this picture that I believe will BLESS your home with an anointing like you have NEVER experienced before.

Every Picture will be prayed over before it's
sent and I believe after praying YAHUSHUA will NOT allow this picture to hang in anyone's house whose name is NOT found in the Lamb's book of life!  For the reprobate will HATE this picture for their spirits will know this is Heaven and they are NOT destined for Heaven! Show this to your loved ones you have grieved over wondering whether they will be saved. Watch their reaction. 

The Holy Spirit will draw the unsaved by the STRONG ANOINTING on this Picture!  Again, if you want this picture let me know. I am sorry but we can't afford to frame this for you, or mat it, but then everyone has different decor in their home so you probably will prefer choosing your own.   Again I have the painting and I need to know who really wants this painting. Don't judge it by what you see on the computer!  It's so very beautiful! This painting has been given as a gift to this ministry. "One Minute Until Midnight" is suitable for framing.

March 17th, 1999 was the anniversary of 4th year this Temple has been on the internet!  This is just another blessing for His Church!  The members of this congregation  and on this pastor!  I love you so much YAHUSHUA, YAHUVEH, and The Holy Spirit!  You are OUR Almighty God we worship and serve!  Thank you for this blessing!  Please move and confirm in your people's hearts you want them to have this anointed painting hanging in their homes. Dear YAHUSHUA I believe everyone that has this picture NOT one of them will miss Heaven! I believe Holy Spirit you will USE this painting to draw the souls and bring those that belong to you already increase the anointing in them to a mighty degree!

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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5