Prophecy 67 - Elisabeth's Dream About Meteoric Destruction
When YAHUVEH speaks once we listen. When he speaks MORE than once we better really listen! "

The only reason judgment was delayed for the first meteor is because we are warning now Prayer intercessors come forth and pray for Judgment of meteors to be delayed! So it shall be.

Proof Behind The Prophecies - Meteors

YAHUVEH Speaks To Apostle Nikomia And Warns Of Meteor Judgment Coming To Earth!

Here are 2 prophetic warning dreams given during a 6 day fast to Apostle Nikomia received on January 13, 2003.

Blue = Apostle Nikomia
Red = Elisabeth Comments


There was a school on top of a mountain and I was in a classroom with a group of people. The teacher was an older man with white hair. (Elisabeth discerns this is YAHUVEH.) As we were sitting in class listening to the teacher we saw a meteor fly by in the sky but it did not hit the earth. (We discern Judgment is delayed for the meteor is YAHUVEH’S wrath against earth.) Then shortly after seeing the meteor fly by we saw another meteor coming straight towards earth and it hit earth with a large explosion. (YAHUVEH’S wrath hits earth!) We all ran out of the classroom to look where the meteor hit because it appeared it hit close to the school. We started walking and after walking awhile I turned around and saw 2 paths leading back up the mountain. (We discern the two paths means two raptures one for the bride and one for the guests that lead back to YAHUVEH these two paths also represents Holiness and Obedience.)

As I was looking back up the mountain I heard a male voice say "This is the first meteor that hits earth today there will be 2 more coming to hit earth today also." (YAHUVEH was speaking forth) We continued walking but could never find any destruction from the meteor that hit. (We discern that even though it looked like it hit close to our school there was no destruction there. We were protected by YAHUVEH. The school represents those that are learning under the anointing of the Ruach ha Kodesh.)

End of dream.

* * * * * * *

Here is the second dream...

I was walking in the country with a very small group of people (My beloved wife Elisabeth discerns this is the 144,000 who are the BRIDE of YAHUSHUA) and everything was very chaotic. I remember looking up and seeing a squadron of military jets flying in a V formation (V for victory) flying straight towards us and they flew directly over our heads and then flew behind us (Elisabeth heard like in the time of Moses the Angel of death passed over the Israelites who obeyed and worshipped YAHUVEH) and on the ground were tanks (weapons of warfare of the Righteous) and other military vehicles and many soldiers and it seemed the soldiers were in disarray and panicking. (The soldiers are those who are not qualified now to be called the Bride of YAHUSHUA but their souls will still be saved. The Soldiers will be the righteous guests at the WEDDING SUPPER OF THE LAMB YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) some will be raptured in the 2nd rapture and some will be martyred during the great tribulation the number of martyred has already been preordained as it states in the book of revelation. These guests are the ones that the BRIDE of YAHUSHUA will protect and yet the guests will be panicking and the bride of YAHUSHUA’S job will be to protect the guests until YAHUSHUA returns again in the 2nd rapture.)

(Elisabeth heard years ago as is documented on the ministry site that the audible voice of YAHUVEH spoke to her "First one rapture then another for those that I love" The first rapture is the bride who are caught up in the clouds and given a glorified body and then used on earth to defend the guests and warn not to take the mark of the beast.)

(The 2nd rapture are the guests who will be caught up in the clouds to be with the BRIDE and BRIDEGROOM YAHUSHUA as they are taken to Heaven to the marriage supper of the Lamb.)

As we were walking we came upon a large tarp and people were under the tarp shooting at the soldiers. (Elisabeth discerns they are shooting spiritual weapons against the guests of the Bride and the Bridegroom YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ). We walked up to the tarp (I had no fear for I had a glorified body that their weapons could not hurt neither physical weapons nor spiritual weapons will hurt the BRIDE of YAHUSHUA. The Tarp represents the false covering which is the mark of the beast, the anti Christ system) and I pulled the tarp off the people. (Elisabeth discerns by the anointing of the Ruach that this means the BRIDE of YAHUSHUA without any fear will expose the children of the anti Christ and warn the guests not to take the mark of the beast. This tarp is a false covering which the majority of the civilians of this earth will take during the time of the great tribulation, dooming their eternal souls to hell and the lake of fire. The tarp represents the false covering that the servants of satan use which is no covering at all for we who love and serve YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and have the anointing to discern can clearly see that false satanic flimsy covering.) and it was civilians shooting the soldiers and I grabbed the rifle out of one of the mans hands and shot him. (Elisabeth discerns the rifle I used on the man is really the weapons of satan that will boomerang back upon themselves. Those who are the civilians in the dream are the servants of satan or anti Christ.)

End of dream

* * * * * * *

This special note must be added. I waited 4 days before this dream was posted not thinking it was very important. The military dream came after the Meteor dream only hours later, and during the 6 day fast. During Prayer Elisabeth heard we could not leave for the Road Trip until this was posted. New revelations came forth about the Bride and Guests of YAHUSHUA because of this dream. We now understand the meaning of the audible words of YAHUVEH given to her about the 2 raptures. We welcome other apostles and prophets to email us with their discernment if it matches what she has heard or if you have a new revelation please share with us.

Apostle Nikomia

* * * * * * *

This is a dream from Wayman who got saved through this ministry and someone we call our son in the LORD. He had this prophetic dream not knowing it confirmed a dream my beloved husband Apostle Nikomia had a day earlier.

Dream: 1/14/03

I was standing outside and I was looking up. I was standing outside with some family members. I look up and I see a star. For some reason in the dream I believed the star was saying somthing about a family member of mine. This was the first star.

This is the second star. I'm not sure if it was the same as the other. Before I knew it I noticed a star flying. Then I notice that the star is making a motion tward earth. The star ends up flying overhead to were I could see it. As the star started to move over my head, the star was falling. Then I saw the star REALLY close up.. The fear was so real. I was so scared.. In the dream I could feel the fear. The fear was so real. The star was while and it had five points. The star seemed to be huge.

The star contunues to fall in an arching motion. As the star contunied to fall, I noticed that it was about to hit the earth as it was going over to the other side of the street. I said somthing like "BOOM", like i thought it might hit the ground.

But, I don't believe the star hit the ground.

Then I woke up..


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