Man Calls Me A "False Prophet,"
Then YAHUSHUA Convicts Him And He Repents!

YAHUVEH said others will do the same,
as we share this with the world.

Beloved of YAHUSHUA

I am sharing this email with you for it is from Stan, who is not ashamed of repenting before the world for calling me a false prophet. I did not know this man, and his original email was so insulting that I was told by YAHUVEH not to even respond to him to wait and YAHUVEH would deal with him. I am led to share his original email where I was called a false prophet and then the others that followed after the conviction of the HOLY SPIRIT came upon him and he repented to me. I wrote him back and shared with him what I was discerning about his life under the anointing. He has given me permission to do this.

Please pray for this prodigal son of YAHUSHUA that has returned. No one will ever understand the JOY I feel today as without even defending myself or my husband saying a word to him, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA sent the conviction of the HOLY SPIRIT to show this man I am not a false prophet. I do this as directed by the RUACH haKODESH and those that have spoken in secret the same words of insult or hate I pray will repent as the same RUACH ha KODESH and FEAR of YAHUVEH and LOVE of YAHUSHUA will also come upon you and you will see I am not a false prophet.

I speak forth the words given to me by our Heavenly Father YAHUVEH or our MESSIAH YAHUSHUA. I offer my hand of friendship and love to those who will receive it in YAHUSHUA'S name. I recently realized YAHUSHUA is sending this ministry directly to the BRIDE of YAHUSHUA for the ingathering of us. The guests are being ministered to along the way.

Today I also received another email from New Zealand who didn't want to listen to the prophesies although he heard YAHUVEH'S voice he thought this ministry was too strict concerning observing the True Sabbath. Today I got an email from Gerald repenting of this and asking my forgiveness for doubting that part was from YAHUVEH and YAHUVEH demanding Holiness and obedience. Without even knowing Gerald felt this way, YAHUSHUA sent the conviction of the Ruach ha Kodesh and he repented before me and understands YAHUVEH demands obedience and HE has not changed.

When people wonder if it worth the price I pay to speak forth words of prophecy where even my friends reject me. I have to say YES! no one said it would be easy but it worth it! Obedience has eternal rewards and blessings just like disobedience has eternal curses.

Please pray for Stan as I share with the world his emails. Partners this is just one of many people that you also will be rewarded with us on the day rewards are handed out in Heaven, for helping me to reach a man with the truth that set him free for the glory of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! We don't have enough time to post all the salvation, healing, delivering emails, this is just one out of many.

The FIRST one was insulting I felt the HOLY SPIRIT grieve and was told not to say a word. I obeyed. These are in a series of 3. Some of you reading this may think the same things he did but not have written me. I discern this is why I am doing this.


1st email from Stan.

In the prophecy Elisabeth, God said i regret making man and yet thats why he sent his son ,if this were true then all the people that are in heaven now would be cast down,if he indeed regretted it.The cloning and sin are no surprise to God he has everything in control satans work cannot be done unless God gives permission to do it ,look at Job and the permission satan had to go thru to get the evil done.God doesnt dare man to speak evil against him ,he does not tempt man to sin against him,this is against Gods character.If Oprah and Pat Boone are destined for hell then we all are destined who hasnt sinned ? who hasnt commited adultary? how many times have we sinned against him in private ? if you even look at someone lustfully you have commited adultary and broken Gods laws.We say look she has money and has used it selfishly that may be true ,but how many meals have we had and others had none ,if the wrath comes we are all headed for hell ,satans unleashed seeking to whom he may devour remember this Gods looking to save ,deliver ,set free,restore,yes judgement will come some day the changing of the gaurds this isnt a mystery its in the Bible. Many prophets may say this and that and say thus saith the Lord sometimes it brings confusion to man what is God like .Many will say God told me to say this and yet God may say i never said those things for you to say you dont know me or my heart.Im not here to say wich prophecy is of God wich isnt ,But ill stay away from false prohets self appointed they may think God only wants to help them and their endeavers but thats all wrong. stan


2nd email for I didn't respond to him and yet the HOLY SPIRIT convicted him of the truth that I did not prophesy falsely.

Hello Elisabeth

many move in gifts ,out of fear the say what they feel ,i was prayed for by a prophetess everyone fell down slain in the spirit but me ,she looked at me and said i pity you, now was that the flesh or the spirit how do we know ? we can say everything good is of God so if its good and it lines up with the Bible well is it a prophecy ? surely this isnt so, God has things to say it sounds like hes speaking i guess its not made to understand like the regrets of making man,or changing the weather,we change our water from cold to hot ski resorts change the weather i can only guess its a pompus attitude,what about the blood of obortion and our lustful thoughts that calious us not to have compassion what about even a union between a man and a woman if we feed the flesh through sex how can we have this right holy heart we are of flesh and blood if we cut ourselves we will bleed .I dont understand why God would dare someone to mock him to lay a snare i have good reason to not understand for ive cursed everything of God the whole trinity and yet im alive and im not proud of it hell burns forever and i dont understand forever burning .A preacher said blashemy against the holy spirit will not be forgiven ,well thats the first thing ive done,my friend had an after death experience and ive seen a God full of love ,at least towards him ,what is worst than destroying 2 towers? how about nailing Jesus to a cross and yet Jesus said forgive them they know not what they do,keep listening to God i dont understand but you must be right on if its him who speaks from the throne.


1st response from me, as I wrote and discerned under the anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT in Hebrew called the Ruach ha Kodesh.


No Stan, I am not a false prophet for the prophesies are tested by other apostles and prophets around the world that truly hear YAHUVEH'S voice also. I will tell you what I discerned as I read the below are a person torn in half like shreds.

You need deliverance for the demons literally pull you one way and another and then the Holy Spirit is pulling back toward YAHUSHUA also called JESUS again. You are like a storm tossed ship and at times it feels like the waves of confusion will drown you. Keep your eyes on YAHUSHUA and do not sway nor compromise. This is what I hear. Remember if you had committed the unpardonable sin you would not even have a desire to speak to a prophet, nor read a prophecy, you still desire to keep a close relationship with YAHUSHUA so that tells me you have not committed the unpardonable sin and you still can be saved.

Please don't listen to satan that tells you otherwise. YAHUSHUA's blood covers your sins in the past. Now you must FORGIVE YOURSELF and BELIEVE it!

Do your best to obey YAHUVEH in all ways. When you sin ask forgiveness in the name of YAHUSHUA then turn away from that sin. Learn from your mistakes.

I wasn't even going to write you back but because the Holy Spirit convicted you to know that you spoke in error against a servant child of YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH I am doing so.

Keep reading the prophesies especially prophecy 7 touching the hem of YAHUSHUA's garment. grab hold of it and don't let go no matter what happens.

Because YAHUSHUA cares so do we

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah


3rd email from Stan this email made me shout with Joy as I am vindicated by the HOLY SPIRIT! Now Stan is being used by the HOLY SPIRIT to speak to others that feel the same way and yet did not want to let me know. YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA speak to your hearts as you read what he wrote below. YAHUSHUA said to post this also at the ministry site as well as share with mail group.

Subject: Re: This is what you discerned about me when reading my email.

Hello thank you, you are the real macoy forgive me for doubting we are headed for dooms day, what evil have i done to suggest you are a false prophet ,a prophet is without honor in her hometown ,many speak falsely even under Jesus name ,some speak to the dead ,but actually its to demons,but this is not you ,you discerned right and have passed a test i asked God.You are like a tree planted in the river of life the roots cannot be moved the sun of God is happily watching you grow ,now i know ,Oprah and Pat Boone must get it right especially if they know better like you discern and i too must get it right i am chief of sinners,i really wanted to know if you were a real prophet ,but i said thats impossible God loves mankind his mercy is renewed every morning,but you say yes thats true but how much disobedience must he put up with its a stinch to his nostrils ,how deep is his mercy and who am i to say no God dont destroy ,the creation never rises against the creator and i cannot control God though i wished i could he is like the wind blowing anyway he chooses ,man has many many plans,plans for a nice house lots of money an attractive mate a career ,food,pleasure and fame............but ..................oh Gods plan is the only one that will come fourth.If i say with faith God your my healer you died for healing give it to me now ,that might be well and good but he might say ,yes,or wait, or no, ive learned the hard way he does what he wants ,and it sounds like im seeing another side to God and its not bad unless i choose not to get it right, that lady who cloned must be blinded ,human life cloned i hope God stops her and very soon.I hope God gets rid of the oprah show if thats his will ,i hope God says to pat boone its not your clothes i dispise or your different styles of music but your heart may be far from him ,its not a certain look but a heart condition ,its a way of thinking let God have his way ,if this is it this is it many many sins have been done to even come to this,he saw our secret sins behind closed doors and yet loves us, but the vibration cannot be ignored from under the ground like a volcano it will drive people to repetence so they can escape hell,Some experiencing Gods wrath will say whats going on like i said,it will either be an honest question or a foolish Question like one who has murdered and found themselves in prison .The party is over las vegas ,reno the so called adult entertainment what do you see there .Adult porn shops that say hey come and get it free sex to see,but nothing is free ,people say christians are boring they are bound by laws of God ,but they are bound too ,when the rent is due for living what price do they have to give to God ,for us its his son Jesus.A prison sentence for life isnt as bad as a lake of fire forever,but fire isnt bad ,fire purifys until you get to the good if their is no good it will just keep burning thats the only way i could ever look at hell because its so terrible i dont understand burning forever its very hard ,of course they will curse they cant believe they are their ,never in their wildest dreams how could God do this to me ,but if they hold their togue and refrain from their curses when punishment comes on earth ,if they will instead take the punishment as painful as it is it will be better we shouldnt fear satan but God and the prophecys ,thank you!! i believe you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your not the FALSE PROPHET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stan 

[ I deleted his last name for his privacy sake.]

what you wrote is awesome too ,the world says tell me nice things tell me it even though it may be a lie, but because you dared to say the things about sin and judgement ,only prayer may delay it may Jesus bless you,and he will set you upon a stone and be with you all the days of your life for you feel the hurt and anger he feels this is awesome.stan

yes you can post this, for i was wrong ,sinned God will be with you all the days of your life and i have gone through the house and found all kinds of sins in my life today because of you i through them away, God Bless Stan


Email from me to Stan

Subject: Re: Dearest Brother all have sinned and fell short of YAHUVEH'S GLORY

Every angel in Heaven rejoices because a prodigal son has returned! We are here for you don't hesitate to ask for prayer

and if you prefer to speak to a man my husband will email you

also. remember no one said it would be easy serving YAHUSHUA but it is worth it and it has benefits that last for eternity. We shall meet in Heaven you look for me Ok Stan?

Love and blessings in YAHUSHUA's name

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah  •

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