Be of Good Cheer for I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH,
Am the Only Good Shepherd
and I Beat the Wolves Away!

Written/Spoken under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH
through Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah
Received October 27, 2007
Released November 17, 2007

Updated August 16, 2014

This word came when I was answering an email that was written to me by a teenager from Alberta, Canada. As I was writing her back the anointing came upon me and Prophecy 92 was birthed. Thank You LW for your obedience in emailing me because it was your email that stirred up the anointing in me.

I have a word for you beloved Sister from YAHUSHUA, print and put in your bible and read it often. I wasn't expecting a prophetic message. Your email will be included with the prophecy and in the book, minus your name, we shall call you LW so the enemies cannot attack you spiritually. YAHUSHUA used a 17 year old teenager from Alberta, Canada to stir up the anointing.

* * * * * * *

Be of Good Cheer MY Little Ones for I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH am the only Good Shepherd and I am exposing the Evangelical Prosperity Pimps for the wolves they are! I am beating the wolves away and removing their fangs from your flesh.

Yahushua the Good Shepherd Oh MY beloved Little Ones, I speak to those who worship, love, strive to obey and live Holy to ABBA YAHUVEH. How you please I, your YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. I am the only Good Shepherd and the only REDEEMER OF YOUR SOUL. MY Sheep and Lambs know MY voice and like a deer pants for water in the heat of the day, so too MY sheep pant for MY next word. They know the taste of the Living Water. As they read MY Holy Scriptures they drink of MY Living Water daily. True Prophecies are Living Water also, each time you read one, you will get another revelation if you study and ask ME what you do not understand.

You who desire to have a heart after MY own heart, you please ABBA YAHUVEH. I have put a boldness in you where others have refused to use this gift of boldness for MY GLORY or used it for evil purposes for their own motivations.

Do not follow Oprah Winfrey. Do not support her, or encourage her, by watching her programs or buying her books she promotes. Oprah Winfrey will send you to hell if you believe Oprah’s gospel. She rebukes Children of MINE before the world, who were sent to warn her that there is only one way to Heaven and that is through the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. The women I used to do battle with her called ME by the Greek name JESUS CHRIST when they confronted her on her television program. Oprah battled with them before millions and rebuked them angrily and said, 'She refused to believe there is only one way to Heaven.' She believes there are multiple paths to Heaven, one way can not be right.

Opray Winfrey leads souls to hell Beware of Oprah Winfrey, as I prophesied through Elisabeth Elijah years ago she has sold her soul to satan for fame and fortune and now does her good works saying, "Good works is one of her way’s to heaven." She became a Judas and where once she taught the truth, she has now forsaken it and chosen a path that leads to hell. You have been warned, and I will hold MY Holy Children accountable for supporting or encouraging her in anyway. Oprah Winfrey will lead souls to the antichrist, the one I call the only begotten son of satan, who came before in the form of Judas.

There is a woman who is called Sherry Shriner, she is an author of books and claims she can decipher bible codes. She twists the bible codes to conform into the image she chooses. She says her name Sherry in numerology means YAHWEH and Shriner means Time. Well, now it is TIME for YAHUVEH to expose her in HIS Timing. Sherry Shriner mixes truth with lies. Sherry Shriner is the reptilian alien that she warns about when she wrote and now sells her book “Aliens on the Internet.” She only posts a picture of herself of what she looked like in school years ago. Where is her picture for today? She fears others will see what I, YAHUVEH, am revealing now. She works for both sides of the guards one from earth and one from hell.

Sherry Shriner mocks Apostle Paul (Shaul) and says, "Any book in the bible he wrote, throw it out!" She twists scriptures to try and prove Paul was not one of the apostles, so therefore he is of serpent seed. Sherry Shriner has sold her soul to satan and allowed her body to be taken over by alien powers for fame and fortune. She mocks this Ministry and warned Elisabeth when Elisabeth told her that Elisabeth’s middle name is Sherrie and Elisabeth was going by the name Sherrie when she was used to birth Amightywind Ministry. Upon hearing this Sherry Shriner told Elisabeth years ago over the phone, there is room only for one Sherry here, and that is Sherry Shriner, you stay Elisabeth.

Sherry Shriner also did Elisabeth’s name in bible code, which she normally charged a hundred dollars, she let Elisabeth know. She spent days doing her bible code for free and let her know that both of them are generals and leaders. However she let Elisabeth know there were the words “gibberish tongues” in Elisabeth’s bible code. Elisabeth rebuked her and reminded her of what is written in the Book of Acts, that speaking in Holy unknown tongues is speaking in tongues of men and angels. Sherry Shriner argued back and said, "Paul taught that and you have to throw it out."

Sherry Shriner mocks speaking in Holy tongues. She mocks because satan at one time, by her own testimony, gave her demonic tongues. This is because Sherry Shriner had head knowledge and no heart knowledge of the one she called Jesus Christ at the time. Now to confuse people, she calls what the Book of Acts calls speaking in an unknown tongue, the work of the devil. Sherry Shriner is a false prophet, time and again this has been proven as she has given bible codes with dates and nothing comes to pass.

Beware, Sherry Shriner does have some knowledge satan gave to her in exchange for her soul, that she was never to know. Do NOT go to her website, unless you have I, YAHUVEH’s, permission, for there are tracking devices for both of the leaders she works for. If you are looking for her to protect you in anyway, beware, for your names are already on a list of hers. If you have purchased the emergency rations she sells, your name is on a list she has compiled. If you are on her email list, beware, you are also on the Governments email list as well as satan's.

Sherry Shriner sells her orgone and claims her orgone will keep demons, aliens, sickness, disease, poverty, and weather disasters, away from you. I, YAHUVEH, now decree, Sherry Shriner you have been warned, HOW DARE YOU say something you make with your own hands can defeat the demons, or cure anyone, or control the weather. Sherry Shriner you are a FALSE PROPHET to the highest degree.

You slander Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah, because you know both of you are called to be leaders. She is a leader for I, YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and OUR Beloved, Precious RUACH ha KODESH also called MOMMA WISDOM. Sherry Shriner you have sold your soul to satan, you are one of satan’s leaders, this is true. You have head knowledge, it is true, but that is all you have. You even copy the Hebrew ways of this Messianic Ministry to confuse the people. Before your only target was the Christians in the name of JESUS, now you target the Jews in YAHUSHUA's Name.

Sherry Shriner you are not even who people think you are, you are a worker of iniquity and I warn now, let this broadcast far and wide warn everyone. Sherry Shriner promotes her orgone for the destruction of minds, bodies, spirits and souls! Do not put your faith in orgone, put your faith in I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA to protect you in the days of calamity! She says she knows you can pray to YAHUSHUA for protection, but that is the hard way, instead she says, "Buy her orgone and it is the easy way." BLASPHEMY! Nothing can protect you but the Name and the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

UFO Sherry Shriner I, YAHUVEH, rebuke you now for saying, 'Your orgone will protect people from demons and UFO’s full of demonic aliens.' MY Little Ones, do not discard the warning about the UFO’s and aliens, but realize only I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH can and will protect you in the days of calamity and Tribulation. This is the truth about the orgone she makes and sells and tells you to plant all over various parts of the world, or tells you to wear it on a neckchain or put it in your bedrooms or inside your home.

Here is a truth I, YAHUVEH, speak forth from Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah. It is Elisabeth that has a Holy Warrior Spirit as David had as a Shepherd Boy, when he battled Goliath. Sherry Shriner is not the grand daughter of King David of old as she claims. In fact Sherry Shriner is a Goliath of evil speaking forth doctrines of devils and secrets revealed to her by satan and mixing in some biblical truths to confuse the people. Sherry Shriner is the 'Alien on the Internet' and she is not what she portrays herself to be. You have been warned. I send you forth Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah, to do what you have asked ME not to do and that is to expose, battle and speak forth words to this 'Alien on the Internet' named Sherry Shriner in the Name of YAHUVEH!

Sherry Shriner you target the Christians and Messianic Jews because they are the ones satan wants to destroy the most. Beware Holy people and warn others. The orgone she makes she claims is her secret recipe and that it works different than other orgone, but in truth it will attract the demons, your homes will become possessed with evil spirits, the land you plant her orgone will be as a tracking device to the devil and the aliens who are already here in disguise. They are satan’s fallen elite troops!

Because you put your faith in her orgone I, YAHUVEH, will allow sicknesses to come upon your body. I, YAHUVEH, will allow your homes to become infested with evil. I, YAHUVEH, will allow poverty where you had prosperity. I will allow the destroyer to destroy all you own if you do not repent, dig up, warn, and demand your money back spent on her books, emergency supplies, and her orgone and redeem the finances I gave you, into Holy ground. I, YAHUVEH, have warned you, if you depend on her orgone to protect you, you have been sorely deceived! This image of a woman laughs all the way to the bank because you believed her lies! For those who continue to believe her lies, death and destruction is all you will see.

Why do you think she brags her orgone is better than anyone else's? Because she has a secret recipe? Her orgone will not save anyone, and will harm everyone who does not repent and ask ME for forgiveness for the stupidity of believing the lies sent by satan.

She exposes the enemies of YAHUSHUA for one purpose and that is to gain your trust. Why do you think she calls Benny Hinn evil names, and tells you when he ministers go and plant her orgone where he is ministering around the world? I will tell you why, "It is because this empowers his strange occult fire!" How else can satan get you to take part in planting her orgone if you do not think you are fighting evil? Why do you think she now begs for money to build her orgone factories around the world. Yes, even internationally she wants to contaminate the atmosphere because this benefits satan’s elite forces that are coming from space. They are the Princes and Powers of the Air and some are already here! THEY NEED HER ORGONE!!! This orgone is also affecting global warming, so be warned.

YAHUSHUA’s demon stompers arise now and cover this Ministry and support it in a way you have never done thus far. Write and encourage them and set a time to pray. Let Elisabeth and Niko know they are not alone as they take on these battles in MY Name. Encourage them and set a time on the clock to commit to pray for them and ALL the Partners in this Ministry. I have asked this Ministry to take on attacks from humans and demons, and yet now they are asked to fight in a battle that comes from outer space and the realms of hell itself.

Elisabeth has delayed this word going forth because every time she would read the prophecies concerning this, she would be fought in the supernatural realm and dreams of aliens would attack her. Yet someone must warn MY Holy Children that are caught up with the spirit of mind control and mind manipulation. Even a visit to Sherry Shriner's site without I, YAHUVEH’s permission is dangerous. Do NOT go to her site, do not even look up her name, unless you know you are prayed up, and the devil is bound up along with the demons and you are strong spiritually and you have MY permission. Pray against this evil Sherry Shriner and what she is doing and what she has done.

If you discern you are also to take an active role in rebuking the lies coming from the mouth of this reptilian alien who is also part of satan’s alien elite troop, do it NOW. She names others who are in high profile and governmental positions and calls them reptilian, who better to know another reptilian, than one that is of the same alien elite troop? Beloved Children, I tell you this so you will not fear when you see things come to pass, you thought was only a figment of another's imagination. Even the horror movies you watch depict actual monsterous creatures in hell which will walk this earth during the Great Tribulation.

Do not be deceived there are satanic plants sent from witches and satanists covens, attending and even ministering in Churches and Messianic Temples. They are in the majority of what is called Christian chat rooms and internet Christian forums. And in them satan has his satanic plants placed as vocal speakers, and their job is to chase away anyone that is truly Holy and speaks for YAHUVEH or I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, and are filled with OUR Beloved, Precious RUACH ha KODESH. Say not that you have not been warned by this prophet I speak through now.

There are Evangelists and Pastors in what you call Mega Churches, consisting of thousands of members. You will know the Evangelists and Pastors, both men and women, who compromise MY Holy Truths and steal MY glory. You will know the Evangelical Prosperity Pimps who live in mansions and are millionaires and look down upon the poor and middle class. Yet, it is the poor and middle class that has made the Evangelical Prosperity Pimps the millionaires they are today. You can call them the EPP’s, for they will be used as your enemies to introduce and lead people to the false Christ, the only begotten son of satan.

Woe be unto those reading this that give finances to the Mega Churches. I,YAHUSHUA, will hold you accountable where you sow your seed, whether it be in fertile ground with uncompromised truth where you are nourished, or if it be in barren ground with manmade doctrines, where only the Pastors get fat off your tithes and offerings.

John Hagee, you are a Judas, a wolf in sheep's clothing, preaching out of both sides of your mouth. You lie to the Jewish people and say, "YAHUSHUA did not come to earth to be Israel's Messiah." You tell them "YAHUSHUA understands why you do not receive HIM as Messiah." You set them up to receive the antichrist as Messiah, and have sold them out for silver and gold. For the sake of feeding your greed for fame and fortune, you feed the Sheep and Lambs some truth mixed in with abominational LIES!

John Hagee, I have released another prophectic message through this Prophet and you are doomed, and all those who are in your congregation had better flee, while there is yet time! The Evangelical Prosperity Pimps invited in the demon of greed and pride, and that demon invited in the demon of Judas. Those I have named and those I will name have compromised MY truths. Instead of lifting up MY Name they lift up their names, putting it on buildings, ministries and churches.

The Evangelical Pimps now love gold and silver more than they love MY Sheep and Lambs, and if they do not repent and turn away from this wicked road they are on. Most of those I name in this Word will never see Heaven. Some had their name in the BOOK OF LIFE and there name was blotted out! As they betrayed ME in Heaven, so they betray ME again on earth for their soul already knows where it will go when it leaves this earth. Now they have a form of godliness but no godliness within!

Choo Thomas Choo Thomas, repent now publicly! The words you have written in a book describing your so-called trips to heaven, is a trick from satan! Beloved Children, just because someone says they have been to heaven, test it with MY Word and see if it lines up with MY description of Heaven. Every Pastor that has promoted and promotes the lies that Choo Thomas has written, you also are fit for MY fury if you do not openly REPENT and rebuke these lies! You have helped lead the Sheep and Lambs astray! How could you not recognize these lies she has written in her book?

Any true Prophet would rebuke and warn. You know who the true Prophets are, because like this one I am speaking through now, they are loudly crying out Choo Thomas is a False Prophet, who claims she has walked and talked with JESUS. She claims she had an out of body experience and Jesus took her to heaven 17 times in one month and each time it was proceeded by violent manifestations (siezures) at an appointed time.

Why would I do such a thing as this? Am I not a loving Shepherd, it is satan that shakes her body, not I. It is satan that violently abuses her in what she calls an anointing on her hands and arms to make her feel as though her hands are breaking apart. It is satan who mocks her, and it is satan that rewards her, as this illusion is believed by MY Holy People. She say's that whenever Jesus took her to heaven all she did was cry because it was so sad there. But I,YAHUSHUA, say, "Heaven is a place where there is only JOY. For is it not written,'That I will wipe every tear from your eyes.' MY beloved, no words can ever describe the beauty of Heaven.

All who believe these lies must repent for believing that I, the Good Shepherd would treat MY Sheep and Lambs like this. All those that believe this must repent for not asking for discernment whether this be truth or lies. Choo Thomas' book is full of false doctrine. Study and show yourself approved and burn her book, letting satan know you no longer receive his lies.

In these Endtimes, why would I not tell anyone that has been to Heaven MY true Hebrew Name? Why would I encourage you to attend a Sunday Church, knowing what the Sunday Churches will be used for in the Great Tribulation? Why would she not return from Heaven with a warning to the Pastors to change their day of Worship to the True Shabbat? Where did I ever mention there was purgatory outside the gates of heaven. In Choo Thomas' words 'there are two valleys outside the gates of the Kingdom,' this is NONSENSE!

Evangelists and Pastors are suppose to feed MY truths and to lead by example. These evil ones have compromised, twisted MY words to conform into their own self made comfortable image that strives to offend no one. All of these named have proven by their works and thoughts they have lost their fear of YAHUVEH. They will all quote the scriptures, but all of them have gone astray. Creflo Dollar, I have this against you, you worship the Almighty Dollar! Paul and Jan Crouch, Joel Osteen, Marilyn Hickey, Joyce Meyers, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Steven Munsey, Rick Joyner, Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, Richard and Lindsey Roberts, Juanita Bynum and Thomas Weeks, Paula White, Rodney Howard-Browne, Mike Murdock, Carman, Billy Graham, TD Jakes, Rod Parsley and Kim Clement. These are just a few examples of Evangelical Prosperity Pimps and they are pimps for the devil as they have forsaken their original calling and humble beginnings. Evangelical Prosperity Pimps have named the Ministries or Churches after themselves.

Joel Osteen you are lukewarm and I, YAHUVEH, vomit you out of MY mouth. You preach psychological babble that can not save anyones soul. I, YAHUSHUA have this against you Joel Osteen, you preach the devil’s doctrine of the antichrist, a new age feel good religion that leads everyone who believes you to hell! Joel Osteen where will you hide when it feel like the astrodome crashes in on you?

Joel Osteen and Wife You fool yourself Joel Osteen, you chase away the Holy who warn you to repent of your sins, and warn you about hell. Just because you deny there is a hell does not mean you will not spend eternity there with your wife and children and all your congregation that believe your lies, if you do NOT REPENT. Just because you refuse to warn about the devil, does not mean satan is not the ruler of your heart and soul. You are exposed and the people reading this will warn others and send this Prophecy to all those mentioned in this Prophetic Word. Holy People FLEE from these Evangelical Pimps for Prosperity.

They deceive people, quoting scriptures as if they lived them, and yet they do not. Beware of the wolves disguised as leaders where people gather and discuss MY coming again. One in particular that hates this ministry, plots the rapture date. As if I am listening to them. They dare to call themselves rapturenow and the leaders have not MY HOLY SPIRIT within them. They lie to themselves and others, yet I am not deceived. I sent MY Holy Sheep again and again into this den of wolves, where innocent lambs lay amongst the wolves, who rule this evil internet forum.

John Machaffie you are the head wolf of rapturenow and I the GOOD SHEPHERD know how to beat off the wolves and remove the fangs from MY sheep. Who are you to label Elisabeth Elijah a false prophet? Are you not the same one that insisted you would be taken to heaven in 4 weeks, and that was Sept 14, 2007? Did you not speak it loud and clear over the internet and to all who would listen? Did you not say, that JESUS said 9 times to you,“You will be in Heaven in 4 weeks?” Well, since I,YAHUSHUA, cannot lie, and you are still alive and on earth and it is past Sept. 14, can you not admit you do not know MY voice? How then can you judge others and brand them a false prophet? How can you say before a multitude of people, stay away from, it is the work of satan?

How can you believe Jack Barr who is only fit for YAHUVEH’s destruction? He is not a Pastor or a Prophet, only another evil mouth spewing forth his venon on the internet directed at the true Holy Prophets. He is another one who has the spirit of religion, doomed to hell and the Lake of Fire. Satan especially loves to claim a persons soul who professed to be a Christian, and yet by their fruits you know them.

Jack and Shirley Barr Jack Barr preferred to believe gossip sent from a servant of satan to accuse Elisabeth unjustly. Jack Barr was sent from satan to slander Elisabeth Elijah with the spirit of destruction to try and destroy a work that does nothing but glorify ABBA YAHUVEH, I,YAHUSHUA, and OUR Beloved Precious RUACH ha KODESH! This ministry reaches souls for ME all over the world. This Ministry sacrifices for MY sake to feed the lambs and sheep MY truths and to be MY Prophetic mouthpiece to the nations and proclaim MY blessings or curses on each land I send them too.

I speak to the one that calls himself John Machaffie, and others on the rapturenow forum who refuse to even give your true full names. You call yourself Christian moderators on this Internet forum, and brag how you chase away people who come to you speaking forth MY Words. None of you even know the meaning of the word love. And what God do you pray too? For I am NOT listening to you, until you repent and start obeying the words I,YAHUSHUA, speak forth.

I speak now to the rapturenow forum and use as an example, but the internet is full of so-called Christian forums with the same spirit of Jezebel! You, who slander and mock this ministry and call Elisabeth Elijah a false prophet, beware, for none of you took this to prayer. None of you tasted or tested the good fruit of this Ministry, for all of you have motivations to destroy the truths spoken through MY Prophet. Jezebel tried to kill all MY Prophets and failed, and will always fail. Just as Elijah of Old I made a way of escape, so too I protect MY Elijah of New.

Enemies of this Ministry who seek its destruction, you know you cannot do it any other way than to slander it and speak lies about Elisabeth, the one I used to birth this Ministry. Do not think I am amused, for I know the number of hairs on your heads and I am going to use the rapturenow forum as an example of what the GOOD SHEPHERD does to wolves that say they are godly and yet have no godliness within them. They quote MY Words, attack MY true Prophets, and chase them away, and yet applaud the false prophets sitting in the den of wolves, for they themselves are false prophets! None truly know ME, and this Ministry has been set up to be a refiner of metals as in Jer. 6: 27-30. People don't like that they do not measure up to what ABBA YAHUVEH expects in HIS Holy Children, so they try to stone this messenger. Yet those whose names are in the Lambs Book of Life, know the voice of the Good Shepherd and they recognize the truths found in this Ministry.

There are some right now that have slandered this Ministry and Prophet and yet have felt the Holy fire of MY conviction burning in your bones. Repent now privately to YAHUSHUA and publicly to Elisabeth. Others have felt the fear of YAHUVEH, knowing they have sinned against this Prophet, REPENT NOW before it is too late! Still others knew they were to write and speak forth and defend her and this Ministry, but were more afraid of what the bullies in the rapturenow and fivedoves forum would do to them, they feared Jim Bramlet and what he would say, they feared being banned from the forums, instead of what I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, and ABBA YAHUVEH would do to them.

The beginning of wisdom is the fear of YAHUVEH, have you not read this in Scripture? I caution you, test the spirit that speaks, and realize the leader of the rapturenow forum is a false prophet by his own words he has hung himself and been exposed. The governments of many nations are sitting in these forums, watching and waiting as they have spies there, taking names and disguised as sheep or prophets for the evil future days ahead. Use wisdom now and discern what I am warning about. Satan has his moderators there taking names and taking notes on all of your weaknesses, use wisdom and discern what I am warning about.

Beware of people who make excuses for false prophets. A false prophet is a man or woman that gives a date, and a thus saith the Lord is spoken, and that date passes and what they prophesied does not come to pass. Some Prophets who have done this unknowingly must repent publicly and apologize since they spoke the word to the masses, through books, letters, the internet, or spoken word. They can be forgiven if they did not prophesy falsely for their own motivations. People, you are not helping them repent if you are making excuses for them. You will also be held accountable for doing this. People, you must discern whether it is prayer that delayed the prophetic message or whether it was a prophecy of the flesh. Prayer will delay MY judgments for a short time, but woe be unto the people when that delay has ended, it will be greater devastation than that which was prophesied.

UFO Beaming People Up Shelby Corbitt though your intentions were originally good, you were deceived by others, and a lying deceiving spirit you received from Kenneth Copeland and Choo Thomas and among others you listened too. I have warned through Elisabeth Elijah that a false rapture is being planned even now, where people will be taken away, or vaporized by governmental weapons in disguise. Satan’s elite forces will come in the form of UFO’s and USO’s (Unidentified Sea Objects) and remove people in a way you think is only science fiction. Remember, much science fiction is a warning of satan’s plans.

All of the above will come to pass and at separate time intervals in history, and all over the world, not just America. I gave this Prophet writing a warning in a dream about portals of hell opening up and a UFO invasion happening, TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Only those crying out in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will be spared at that time. Seek ME while you can yet find ME!

Shelby Corbitt refuses to repent and admit the date she gave, that I, YAHUSHUA was to return, did not come to pass. Because I did not give her that dream, nor interpretation, nor date for MY return. This Prophet I now speak forth from told you in advance, not to believe her. I sent this Prophet to warn you, so you would not be dismayed when the time passed. Watch, wait and work until the true catching away. I have said in Revelation 14 there will be a first fruit rapture of 144,000 first. How few want to believe this, for it goes against your itching ears and your flesh.

When the year 2007 passes will you still make excuses for Shelby Corbitt and Kenneth Copeland, among others? What is the matter with MY Holy Children, can they not discern the eyes of a serpent in Kenneth Copeland?

Those who have sold books stating a thus saith the Lord, 'This is the date of the rapture of the church,' or they say, 'Say a prayer and be guaranteed heaven.' I ask you, will you refund the money people paid for your book? Holy People write and ask for a refund of your money. Shelby Corbitt, Kenneth Copeland, Choo Thomas, and others, you lead MY People to a false rapture. You calculate the day of their deaths and you slowly kill the faith of the few faithful silent frightend innocent lambs that are in the rapturenow and five doves forums and many other forums.

How many of you watch and wait for JESUS to come and speak it loudly, and yet do not even realize I do not call you the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Most of you only know ME in part. Am I not the same YAHUSHUA that rebuked the pharisee’s and called them snakes and vipers? I have no kind words for the enemies of YAHUVEH whose names are not found in the Lambs Book of Life. Did not YAHUVEH say, the evil pharaoh that Moses battled was only born for destruction?

Did I not give you an example when I, YAHUSHUA cursed the fig tree because it produced no fruit for ME? Did it not whither and dry up and death was proclaimed, and never would it produce fruit again. I tell you a secret, that tree still remains a dead tree as a warning sign of what happens when something or someone is cursed by YAHUVEH. Do you not read Deut. 28 and Deut. 30? The Holy Sciptures are full of blessings to those who obey YAHUVEH and curses to those that disobey YAHUVEH!

Moses and the Ten Commandments The Ten Commandments are still valid today, nothing has changed. I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, did not come to cancel the laws that ABBA YAHUVEH wrote with HIS own finger on a tablet of stone. These Commandments stand for all eternity. The 4th Commandment is a sign between YAH and those who truly worship YAH. The 4th Commandment in the Great Millinium will still stand and people shall come and worship on the True Sabbath. Read, study and show yourself approved. The Holy Feast Days you will be commanded to come and observe when I rule and reign on earth. That which people shun now, the 4th Commandment, is also honored in Heaven. What was called sin back in times of old, is still sin today in YAHUVEH’s eyes.

Lawmakers, you think because you decree new laws, because of the stench that rises to heaven from your sins, because you change the laws of the land, it changes the laws in Heaven? You shall reap hell and the Lake of Fire for doing this. You cannot erase MY Name so easily or that of YAHUVEH. America and Europe, you embrace the heathen gods now because you have forsaken your one and true God YAHUVEH and I, YAHUSHUA. Your hearts are full of every evil. Not enough Holy People rose up to protest against the abominations that became laws. Now it is a race to see which politician can speak the most abominable lies and pass the most abominable laws.

You slander this Ringmaiden I speak this Prophecy through and yet, she is the one I use to be the cryer to warn the True Bride, as written in the parable of the ten virgins. Again I say, I will send Michael the Archangel to her along with Gabriel and they shall speak the date to Elisabeth, and at the precise time the trumpet blows, she cries out, “Behold the Bridegroom doth come.” All the true Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH spoken of in Revelation 14 all over the world will hear it at the same time and arise in the air. No one does know the exact time and hour. I have only told her the Holy Day will be on Rosh Hashanah. Since Rosh Hashanah is [celebrated] 2 days, and many people have different calculations which date it falls on, it is true, she does not know the hour. However, just as Elijah knew he would be taken, just as Noah knew the day he was to enter the ark and close the door, so it shall be again. MY Bride will know when they hear in the spirit the cryer cry out and say, "Behold the Bridegroom doth come."

You see satan wearies and mocks you now, as one after another proclaims they know the day and hour, and yet again, I repeat MYSELF so none will be deceived. This is why I command you to cover her in prayer, for there is but one I call MY Ringmaiden. Elisabeth Elijah will not know, until I send the Holy Angels to her, like I have before with other Holy messages given to her. I did this so she can believe, as I sent MY Holy Angels first to Montana then Idaho and South Africa. I will do it again. In South Africa both her and her husband saw Archangel Michael in a place they least expected it, in a restaurant in Camps Bay, South Africa. Michael had instructions to appear before her and her husband Niko noticed Elisabeth starring at a man and he starring back and as soon as Niko saw Michael he knew this was no ordinary man, it was a Heavenly Spiritual connection.

Archangel Michael ABBA YAHUVEH sent Michael, which is not the proper spelling of his name but I give you the spelling you recognize, to increase her faith that, that which I spoke will come to pass. Archangel Michael was sent to her when satan tried to take her life for 3 days, and while her husband slept, though she tried to awaken him when the Holy Angels were there, it was not for his eyes to see yet. The Holy Angels Michael and Gabriel came and brought healing in their wings as she touched them like a little child and marveled at the beauty of the gems embedded in them.

The Holy Angels proclaimed how excited all of Heaven was at the news the Bride of YAHUSHUA (Rev. 14) would be arriving shortly and the next time she saw them together, it would mean it was time to call the Bride home to Heaven. The Holy Angels also proclaimed the birth of YAHUSHUA’s demon stompers and told her to assemble the Holy Prayer Warriors on the wall, so she would know she does not take on the enemies of YAHUSHUA alone. Again this was to increase her faith, and she was immediately healed and the spirit of death was forced to release from her.

Enemies of this Ministry remember this, when you touch this Ministry you touch MY HOLY SINLESS DIVINE BLOOD and MY Name is YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. I protect and cover this Ministry along with legions of Holy Warrior Angels. Be warned all who curse this Ministry, the curses shall be reversed back to you.

You who have the spirit of religion and not a loving obedient relationship with ABBA YAHUVEH. You dare to call on the name of JESUS CHRIST to ask for the destruction of this woman and this Holy Ministry. Remember this, the prayers you lift up and each word you say, you will be held accountable for. ABBA YAHUVEH and I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, will put you in remembrance of your words when you wonder why everything is going wrong in your life. You wonder why your finances, health, and peace is taken, destruction is all around you, and your loved ones are dead. Now you know the reason why, for I have just told you ahead of time, when you are left behind to suffer in the Great Tribulation.

To all the people who are reading this and have eaten and enjoyed the fruits of this Ministry. Yet, have never contacted them or have never encouraged this Ministry in anyway, you will be reminded at this time also. Remember if one Holy person can put one thousand demons to flight, two can put ten thousand demons to flight, how much more can a million believers do? This Ministry will battle for you as you battle for this Ministry.

I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, tell you this, this is the Last Endtime Church that preaches the entire truth, including that which King James refused to allow to be written. It will be written. These truths will be preached and I use MY Holy People, who the world knows not their names, for they have not been soiled by the filth of this world. These I choose to use for the Last Endtime Church do not desire fame and will never compromise MY truths for fortune. They are not for sale and satan has no claim on them! The ones used in this Last Endtime Church have suffered and do suffer for MY sake.

How few of you reading this would be willing to pay this price. Most reading this are focused on their own world, their own life and family. They are not out on the front lines of faith doing spiritual warfare. Now is the time for YAHUSHUA’s demon stompers to arise and cover this Ministry, support and encourage this Ministry and Prophet. Defend this Ministry, for you are fed by MY hand through this Ministry. It is green pastures for MY Sheep and Lambs.

Some reading this now, insist on calling MY name JESUS, although you know MY true Hebrew Name, but you say, 'You prefer the Greek name JESUS.' Again I repeat MYSELF, do not misunderstand ME, there is still forgiving, healing, delivering, ressurection power and signs, wonders and miracles done in the name of JESUS CHRIST at this time in history, because MY true Hebrew Name was not common knowledge and because it is before the Great Tribulation, but you have been warned.

False Christ Jesus Miranda Even now a man uses the name of JESUS CHRIST and proclaims to have a million followers, and yet is a servant of satan! This evil man goes by the name of Jesus Miranda. Just because he uses the name of Jesus, you must test the spirit of the man. The name of Jesus is counterfeited all over the world, especially in South America. The man who has taken the name Jesus Miranda is a false prophet and a Evangelical Prosperity Pimp that has sold his soul long ago and is totally possessed by satan. He is evil in every way.

He preaches there is no such thing as sin, hell is a lie, he proclaims to be God, and denies most of the bible. Everyone that has received the mark 666 as a tattoo, because Jesus Miranda told them to show loyalty to him in this way, has already had a for taste of the curse of the damned. Everyone that calls this man god, or believes he is Jesus Christ has already been taken over by satan and received the curse of the damned.

Satan mocks to show how easy it will be in the Great Tribulation to get Christians to compromise and reject what they once knew to be true. Satan shows how easy it is to mock the name of Jesus Christ. Can you not see why in the Great Tribulation it will happen again, and no prayers will I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, answer in the name, the son of satan whom you call the antichrist, will use? People will pray in the name of JESUS and just like the one that calls himself Jesus Miranda, the only begotten son of satan will be tricking people with false signs, wonders and miracles and he will proclaim to be god, and say, “Here I am.” You are being warned through this Prophet I call MY Ringmaiden and this warning is like a gong ringing around the world.

Take these Prophecies and warn others, when your pastors refuse to humble themselves and admit they were wrong and receive the truth, you take it Little Ones, and share with others and rebuke that Pastor in MY Name. They have only shown you the spirit of religion, puffed up with the spirit of greed. Lust of the flesh and pride rules and reigns all of them. They have not a obedient humble spirit. MY, HOLY SPIRIT your MOMMA WISDOM who is the RUACH ha KODESH is not ruling nor reigning in them. They listen to their accountants, and satan has them focused on material possessions more than a spiritual walk for their own sake. They have lost their first love!

All who have stolen MY glory, have lifted up their own names to draw people neigh, forgetting the Holy Scriptures say, "When the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is lifted up, I will draw all men neigh.” If a person names a Ministry or Church after themselves they are drawing the people by their own works and name, it is doomed to fail and in heaven all their works will be counted as stubble and hay and burned up. The Evangelical Prosperity Pimps have become famous and stars, even in their own eyes, as well as others for satan’s kingdoms. They are no longer the men and women who once truly served and worshipped and prayed, YAHUVEH’s will be done. For fame and fortune they allowed evil spirits to come in and rule and reign through their bodies.

In the Great Tribulation the name of JESUS will again be used by the counterfeit and it will be by the one called the antichrist, whom is the only begotten son of satan. At this time in history, there are some Sunday Churches that still are used for MY glory, but in the Great Tribulation ALL the Sunday Churches will be used for satan's glory and the Mark of the Beast will be in the Sunday Churches at that time. You have been warned.

Do you not understand the importance of knowing this warning now. And learning MY Hebrew Name now, getting in the habit of using MY Hebrew Name now, that MY earthly Hebrew Mother gave ME when I was born? I always send MY true Prophets to warn before the judgment. Teach others now these truths, so they will not go to the Sunday Churches in the Great Tribulation. Because if you enter the Sunday Churches during the Great Tribulation you WILL RECEIVE the Mark of the Beast, that final act of rebellion will cost people their souls. I grieve as I see MY Holy Scriptures quoted as in the times of old, the pharisee's and saudicee's also did this to ME, not realizing I am the WORD that became FLESH.

MY Little Ones, I have put a desire in you not to conform into other peoples images or religions. Instead you desire to be Holy, you desire to be pleasing unto ABBA YAHUVEH. And when you do sin, you hear MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH's soft voice lovingly rebuking and convicting you to return to Holiness. You are shown the error of your ways, and you quickly repent and turn away from sin, and come running back into ABBA YAHUVEH and I, YAHUSHUA's loving arms.

Do you think I enjoy chastising you when you go off on a path of sin? Yet times MY Children are as a disobedient child in willful rebellion that must be disciplined. Some of MY Children need more discipline than others. Yea I say, at times even a spanking done out of love is administrated by the mother or father of the child. It is necessary as a reminder that there are consequences for sinful behavior.

This is true also with ABBA YAHUVEH and I, YAHUSHUA. Which child are you? Some of OUR children only need a gentle scolding and a reminder of "Why didn't you obey ME?" Others need a louder scolding. Still others who are so hard headed need a spanking from YAHUVEH for the sake of the salvation of their soul. This is done so the willful one full of rebellion will repent and realize it is either YAHUVEH's way or it will be hell's highway!

If you insist on continuing in sinful behavior, at times this Good Shepherd must break MY little lambs or sheeps leg to keep you from getting too close to the edge of the fires of hell, where satan can claim your soul. If I do not stop you from wandering into the den of satan, where wolves wait to devour your flesh and spirit, who will stop you?

I am the only Good Shepherd and I, YAHUSHUA, do not lose one of MY Sheep or Lambs. I already know all the names written in MY Book of Life before the foundation of this world. Remember, I do not tolerate the behavior of a spoiled brat demanding it be done your way, and not YAHUVEH's will or way. You who have done this have already reaped the consequences brought on by sin.

Some of you reading this now have suffered through divorce, child custody battles, unhappy marriages, drug addictions, alcohol addiction, other addictions, jail, sexual diseases, diseases, children born out of wedlock, nervous breakdowns, suicidal attempts or thoughts of suicide, depression, mental illness, confusion, adultry, fornication, homosexuality, pornography, lust, robbery,stealing, murder, abortion, unemployment, and poverty. This list is but a small example of what the spirit of rebellion against YAHUVEH's will, brings. All of you reading this now know what MY Love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness has delivered you from, only after you repented to YAHUVEH in I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH's Name, and turned away from the sin of rebellion.

When you are scorned and persecuted for MY Name sake just know that great is your blessings in Heaven. It is not you they attack beloved Little One, it is I they attack. For when the heathen and the spawn of satan rages against you, they do not see your face when they attack, they see the face of Holiness and they see the Sweet Holy Spirit within you.

Yahushua Walking on Water You must be a water walker in your faith. Keep on the path of Holiness, for narrow is the path to Heaven and broad is the path to hell. Even if no one else surrounding you follows the path I have laid before you, do not turn back Little One. I am not going to promise the path will be easy, but it will be worth it. The path to Heaven is full of sacrifices, but remember I your YAHUSHUA your MESSIAH, gave the greatest sacrifice of all.

The plans I have for you MY treasure is for good and not for evil. When you are lonely turn to your beloved ABBA YAHUVEH, and I your only deliverer and MESSIAH. Remember the sweet HOLY SPIRIT within you is your MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH and she is closer to you than your next breath. When you cry allow her to rock you in the cradle of her arms, giving you a peace that passes all understanding.

Remember your body is the temple of your MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH, so whatever happens to your body happens to her also. Stay in truth and Holiness and never allow satan to defile you, for I have given you an anointing and gifts you know not, but in due time it will be revealed. Continue to seek MY footsteps each day, for the footsteps of the Holy are ordained by I,YAHUSHUA, and your ABBA YAHUVEH.

Your name Beloved One is engraved on the palms of MY hands done at Calvary. I suffered in your place, so you would be saved and have access to YAHUVEH and Heaven once again. I love you Little One, with a love that no man or woman can compare with. I have stored up all of your Holy tears, each vial of tears that you have shed for MY Name SAKE.

I give you a warning though for the times ahead. Do not depend on any Church denomination or religion to save you, or to keep you Holy. Be Holy not to please others but to please YAHUVEH. You must remember our relationship is not about a religion, it is about worship, love, and obedience without compromising and living Holy unto ABBA YAHUVEH and I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Keep your body Holy and undefiled for OUR PRAISE HONOR and GLORY. Keep your thoughts stayed upon ME. Keep your eyes focused on ME. Some reading this are teenagers and yet you are wiser than others your age, you are even wiser than many of the adults that surround you. But allow not your head to become full of pride, for that will ruin the good plans I have laid for you.

Seek MY face and continue to grow in MY grace, and anointing each day. You do not reject this Prophet, you hear MY voice even when it goes against what others say, and you will not compromise nor back down. Do not do anything that I,YAHUSHUA, would not do.

I know every rejection, every pain, every worry, every lie of the devil that has been spoken in your ear, every temptation and through MY shed Blood at Calvary, you are VICTORIOUS! Remember this Dearest Little One, if all the people had received MY truths, then all the people would receive the truths you share, because they deny ME, they will deny you, because they persecuted ME, you will be persecuted for MY Name SAKE.

Homosexuality is an abomination, abortion is murder, do not allow your mind to conform to what the laws of your land deem lawful. Rather read the Bible and see what MY Word decrees as sin. Evolution is a lie of satan, you know all of these things.

Stay far away from any sexual sin, and stay away from any drug or liquid that intoxicates and twists, controls and perverts your mind. Stay far away from anyone who worships another whom they call god and yet you know is a false god. Do not even listen to their false doctrines, or it opens the door to lying and deceiving spirits to enter into your mind.

Plead the Blood of I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, and stay away from anyone in the occult or reads occult books such as Harry Potter, or who uses the occult in any form. Do not allow the demons in another man or woman, boy or girl to possess your body, even through a kiss. Be not unequally yoked in anyway. Satan will use the lusts of your flesh to tempt you but I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH's, shed Blood and Name has overcome temptation, if you will but use it!

Let the heathen mock and laugh, YAHUVEH will have the last laugh. Understand that heathen teenagers can be the cruelest of all people. Those that do persecute you will one day rue the day they ever laughed, cursed, or mocked you. In hell they will be forced to remember each word they spoke against you and they will hear these words for all eternity if they do not repent and accept I,YAHUSHUA, as their MESSIAH.

Heavens Door Lead souls to the only door to salvation, I am YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and I AM the only door. I am the only way and truth to enter Heaven and stand before ABBA YAHUVEH. Do not lead anyone to a Church for Salvation, for a Church can’t save a soul. Salvation comes through the repenting of sins and acknowledging that I,YAHUSHUA, am the only begotten Son of YAHUVEH and Lord God Almighty. Worship YAHUVEH and I, and OUR Beloved, Precious RUACH ha KODESH who is MOMMA WISDOM with a loving obedient repentant relationship to I, YAHUSHUA. When you sin be quick to repent and turn away from evil. Do not premeditate sin and think, 'Oh well, I will repent later', it does not work that way!

If you depend on a Church for your relationship with YAHUVEH and I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, what will you do when the Church preaches a false doctrine? The Pastor compromises such as those I have named above? I can hear some of you say, "Oh well, my church is a good Church, I have a Holy Pastor." I say to you, "Even if it is a Church with good fruit, what will you do when you cannot rely on a church, a Pastor or a person for spiritual support because the doors have been closed or outlawed by your country or your Pastor has been put in jail for preaching the gospel, or moved and you have no access to that person or Prophet?" This is why I want you to talk to ME, let US fellowship together, share your interests with ME. I desire not only to be your Lord and Savior your God but also your best friend.

Salvation is a one on one with YAHUVEH and I,YAHUSHUA, and MY People are filled with OUR Precious RUACH ha KODESH. MY Word says, 'forsake not the assembling of yourselves together,' but that does not mean it must always be in a Church building. Even now, you are assembling yourselves together through the technology of a computer, communicating with one another.

There is coming a day very soon when you will have to pray and discern, should you witness to this person or will it be a trap of the government? Any nation that loses their religious freedoms is because they allowed the governments to strip them away little by little until all that is left is a dictatorship and a work of the antichrist! America and Europe, how far you have fallen from MY grace and mercy.

Churches in America the shame is upon you for selling yourself in fear of losing your tax exempt status! The majority of Churches in the world will no longer allow MY true Apostles and Prophets to prophesy, rebuke, exhort, encourage and mentor. Pastors have you forgotten there is but one Good Shepherd and it is I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. You Pastors in the majority of the Churches do not want any Fresh Manna or New Wine from the precious RUACH ha KODESH. You do not want to change your manmade doctrines or thinking. The majority of the Churches have Pastors that run the Churches like a dictatorship!

This offends ME greatly as the largest to the smallest Church congregations did not march and protest to their governments, speaking loudly so all can hear. Instead they have remained silent as laws that YAH has decreed as an abomination are passed as legal in the lands and even taught as truth in the schools! Woe be unto any Island, country or nation that does this, they shall reap YAHUVEH's revenge. Woe be unto any nation or school that removes Biblical truths and governments that no longer revere the words 'In God We Trust.'

MY LIttle Ones, teach the people the truths, no church can save any soul, only through MY shed Blood at Calvary and MY Name can anyone be saved, through repentance and turning away from all evil. Teach them to keep YAHUVEH's Commandments and to put YAH first in their life and love and to bring their everyday questions to YAH, so they can trust YAH for the larger questions.

Remember your works will be rewarded in Heaven and the only rewards you receive on earth is what you do for ME. Teach the babies you lead to ME to pray and use MY Sacred Hebrew Name, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Warn them they must not compromise. Teach the people the true Shabbat, and the importance of observing the Holy Feasts. Continue to teach of Heaven and hell, for more souls will go to hell than to Heaven. Learn of ME and I shall use you to teach and lead others to ME. Out of the mouth of babes do I speak.

Remain pure of heart, body and soul, and I will give you a love with the same heart after I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. If you desire your Soulmate, their body will be pure before ME with a desire to worship and serve ME above all else as you do. Your Soulmate shall be full of Holiness and together you shall lead souls to the Kingdom of Heaven. You are not to wonder who this person is, I will bring your Soulmate when I know both are ready.

Take daily Communion with ME and speak to ME with words of love and gratitude for the price I paid for you at Calvary. Make sure before you take Communion you confess and you are determined to turn away from any sin in your life. If you have wronged another Brother or Sister who is a devout believer in ME, confess this sin to ME and ask MY forgiveness, then go to them and ask their forgiveness. Do not take Communion and practice sinning at the same time. I would have gone to Calvary and suffered and died and arose again on the 3rd day, even if it was only for one person. I love you that much, and I made a vow to ABBA YAHUVEH, I would not lose ONE soul whose name has already been written in the Lambs Book of Life before the foundation of this world.

Never should the words spoken during Communion be of mere repetition and do this not only in remembrance of the price I, YAHUSHUA, paid at Calvary for you. But praise ME that I shall not drink of the fruit of the vine again until I do so with MY Bride and the Guests at the Marriage Supper in Heaven. Remember this as a weapon against satan, as you continually remind him, satan has no claim on your mind, body, spirit or soul, unless you, through sin, give him the legal right. Be ye Holy as I am Holy, strive to live Holy, in your mind, and body and walk in the HOLY SPIRIT more than you walk in the flesh and know that legions of Heaven’s Holy Angels fight in your behalf!

So it has been spoken and written this day of October 27, 2007

Given to your Sister in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH
Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah

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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5