Tornadoes, Oklahoma City, Moore, May, June, 2013

OKC in the path of destruction!! Was this the Wrath of YAHUVEH GOD?

(HIS wrath is however not appointed to HIS Children, Bride, Babies, Chosen Ones and Elect as HE has promised in HIS Word and the Prophecies. So we pray for the innocent ones and those who are true believers following YAHUSHUA\Jesus Christ, the True Messiah of the Bible)

For 3 years AmightyWind and it's ministers, especialy Prophet Elisabeth Elijah came under heavy attack from a vast majority of members of the False Christian community on Youtube, posing as believers, even praying in the Name of Jesus, but they are in fact workers of evil, who practice the occult. These people are satanists, voodoo priests, kabbalists, witches, and their main goal is to destroy YAHUVEH GOD'S AmightyWind Ministry.

The atrocities they are doing against this Holy Ministry from Heaven and Prophet Elisabeth Elijah, include, slandering, mocking, cyber squatting, character defamation, false accusations, threats, torment and all kinds of abominations in the eyes of YAHUVEH.

YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and the precious RUACH HA KODESH have been warning these enemies in the Prophecies for a long time to stop and to turn away from their evil deeds and to repent. But their mocking only became worse, like in the days of Noah, as he was mocked, until YAHUVEH'S Wrath was kindled against those, mocking HIS prophet and true believers.

Among these enemies are a voodoo priest, Kelly Greene and his associate (lover?), Mary Barnes , a New Age Witch and satanist who both live in Oklahoma City.

Kelly Greene works as the Principal of a Christian School.
"Preach Unto Them: Jesus Christian Academy.

Mary Barnes is the Vice Principal of the same Christian School that Kelly Greene works at.

Both these enemies are part of the Unity Gathering Cult , also called Nehemiah Center.

It's a cult where they practice 5 forms of the occult. Witchcraft, Satanism, Voodoo, Kabbalah, Shamanism.
The leader of this evil cult is a so called pastor, George Cook, who lives in Bangor, Pennsylvania (Recently hit very hard by Hurricane Sandy, that was going inland, and causing massive floods and devastation in and around Pennsylvania).

Please join us where we are praying against these enemies, and asking YAHUVEH to judge them swiftly for the wicked works they have been doing and are doing against AmightyWind and Prophet Elisabeth Elijah and the associate ministers.