Prophecy 32
(A Great Deception)

April 14, 1999

There's a revival, yes, but a greater revival of footsteps leading into Hell from the great falling away from MY truth. Satan had a revival going also so beware of the counterfeit carnival revival. I charge you spiritual leaders. Not all are marching to the drum roll of Hell. There are those like this Handmaiden and others who will boldly cry out and protest and if need be lay down their lives for MY sake. I warn you, Jacob I have loved, Esau I have hated. When you seek to silence MY Jacob's you're in danger of becoming like one onto a Cain spirit. You are in danger of MY love turning to hate for you. It is you who blaspheme the RUACH ha KODESH when you dare say a work of satan is done by the RUACH ha KODESH. Test every spirit that speaks. Test every sign, wonder and miracle. Does it line up with the Word of "I AM"?

That is what you get for following the false deceptions, great signs and wonders. I sent this Prophet to warn you. Satan plays you; you are bait on the hook. Look and weep as spiritual leaders I once trusted dangle MY people like bait on a hook over the jaws of Hell.

* * * * * * *