Prophecy 20
Beware Of Horror Of New Boiling Black Blood Plague To Come!

May 25, 1998

Oh how many times I have regretted giving you a free choice, but then I knew what would happen for the God you serve is all knowledge, am I not? I prophesy this now through this handmaiden Sherrie Elijah, there shall be huge sinkholes that open up under every abortion clinic on the earth and when it happens you will know it is the God of Creation and not the hand of man that has done this.

All people in the clinics partaking of this evil fruit of murder will die and the earth shall open up and a great earthquake shall rumble and the abortion clinics shall fall into the earth deep within the earth and then the earth shall close up over them. All those in the clinic shall descend to the bowels of hell in a way I have not done since times of old. The world will shake their head for they will have to acknowledge this was not a bomb from earth but a bomb from Heaven and the God of all Creation, The Great God YAHUVEH shall do these things and more for this is a land full of evil and your pornography and your prostitution and all manner of evil.

* * * * * * *