Prophecy 91
John Hagee, You Are Doomed, Saith I, YAHUVEH!

You, Juanita Bynum, you think you're so beautiful. But when I look at you, you make ME want to puke! Your stench reaches all the way to Heaven along with John Hagee's. You, all of you, including Benny Hinn, satan fills all of you! I Prophesied through this Handmaiden, "Every Ministry Named After Man Shall Fall!" I gave you time to repent and yet none of you have. You sold your soul to satan and you, Juanita Bynum, you fill the women's hearts with the spirit of lust with your talk. You set an example that is nothing but shame. You are a shame to MY Name!

I am using this ministry to judge those who think that they have been promoted, I will use this ministry under MY Anointing, to pull you down from the pedestals you have placed yourself upon and I shall bury you underneath them. You, Juanita Bynam, you are a whore in MY eyes!!! You are all I despise, I not only just speak of you, I say this to all those who do secret sins and preach one way to Heaven and yet their own spirits will never enter in. John Hagee, Juanita Bynum, Benny Hinn, Ron Howard, Rodney Howard-Browne, you are doomed.

* * * * * * *