Prophecy 89
Secrets of the RUACH HA KODESH
January, 2007

For it is I who you did lay your head upon the shoulder in Heaven (Banquet Table Dream). I gave you a glimpse to see how much those who love YAHUSHUA are loved by ME. I am the MOTHER of CREATION. Females were made in MY image. I am ageless. I am CO-CREATOR. The family is a copy of what is in Heaven. Where do you think it came from? The Mother, the Father and the children.

Elisabeth, when you rock and you pray, it is ME that rocks you. Keep striving to know who I am. I will reveal more to you. I will bring you remembrance of what it was like in Heaven when you beheld MY Face. For I sit next to your Heavenly Father. YAHUVEH is MY HUSBAND. YAHUSHUA is MY Son. There is not only one throne, there are three thrones in Heaven and WE rule in unison. How do you think your prayers reach your ABBA YAHUVEHís ears? It is I that send them to HIM for I am in the Believers, those who love MY Son, YAHUSHUA. It is I, the anointed WIND that blows them to HIM (YAHUVEH) as I blow a kiss to Heaven. I speak in symbolism so you can understand. When you lift up prayer, itís like blowing kisses to your ABBA YAHUVEH. When you pray in MY Sonís Name, it takes all three of us for you tobe heard and answered. This is just the beginning of the teaching.

* * * * * * *