Prophecy 15
It's One Minute Until Midnight! YAHUSHUA Comes in the Midnight Hour!
2/2/98 6:20 a.m

I shall bless those that dare stand up in MY Name and rebuke the wolves in sheep's clothing. Though their flesh cringes, the RUACH ha KODESH rejoices, for they are obeying ME and not man. You pastors who drive the expensive cars bought with the congregation's money that was to be MY Holy tithes. You pastors that live in plush palaces, fit for a king that MY tithe money was spent for. You pastors whom the government pats on the back, who sold out the truth for lies. Don't you see you have been bribed to remain silent or you will lose your tax-exempt status?You will lose your tax-exempt status and truly the financial blessings above shall come to an end also. You have been warned.

* * * * * * *