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This e-mail came from a precious man from Singapore

Dear Sister Elijah,

I really yearn that all of the Nations in the world also would have the joy and LOVE that YAHUSHUA has given me!  Well, I guess there are only two things to be done. Prayer and Evangelism right? I guess I know how to pray but how to  evangelize people so that straight away after preaching, the person will repent? Pray to God to touch him/her and preach the Gospel of Christ? I desired to listen to God's word and also to increase the LOVE between me and Him. How do I do that? What must I do? Well, hope that God sees you standing before Him and through the Holy Spirit tells you what I am suppose to do. Hope to get your reply soon!


Dearest Beloved of YAHUSHUA:

I pray that all is well with your soul.  How do I answer the following? First of all it's the Holy Spirit that really gets the credit when a soul comes to YAHUSHUA. You see without Him drawing that soul, and convicting that soul, making them see they need a savior, it is hopeless. The Holy Spirit has somewhere planted the seed that they need YAHUSHUA. Am I making sense?

It's that person's choice whether they accept YAHUSHUA as Lord and Savior or not. We lead them in a prayer, but its NOT the words that are recited it's whether they believe what the words mean. You ask them if they want to know when they die if they will go to Heaven. You tell them if they accept YAHUSHUA as Lord and Savior and love Him and serve Him and not be ashamed of Him and try hard to obey Him, they WILL go to Heaven and be with Him forever! You tell them no matter how good they think they are, NONE are perfect except Almighty God. All have sinned and fell short of HIS Glory!  Tell them if we were perfect we wouldn't need a savior, now would we?  But we must try and live Holy as YAHUSHUA is Holy!

You explain that the blood of YAHUSHUA will wash ALL their sins away!  This doesn't mean they are free to sin as they please.  It means when they make a mistake they come back and ask forgiveness and confess that sin before YAHUSHUA and turn away from that sin.  Because we love YAHUSHUA, we don't want to offend Him. You say the salvation prayer with them.  Telling them to say something like this...words can vary, no set rule other then getting them to acknowledge YAHUSHUA as LORD and Savior, repenting, turning away from sin, confessing all are sinners but HIS blood was shed at Calvary so we would be saved!

YAHUSHUA,  I accept you as my Lord and Savior, I know you're Almighty God, the Son of YAHUVEH! Born from  the Virgin Mary. That you alone are Holy and no one else can save my soul! There is no other name I can approach Father God Jehovah in.  I know you died for me at Calvary. Please forgive me of my sins! Wash me clean with your shed blood at Calvary, where you paid the price so I could be forgiven, and healed, and delivered from the hand of the devil! I believe you will save my soul from Hell! I give you my soul now! I rebuke Satan, and turn away from all other false Gods, doctrines, all that is UNHOLY and Evil. YAHUSHUA please come into my heart and help me to live my life so you will not be ashamed and will spare me from the wrath of Almighty God, that is to come.  I believe you're coming again. Please count me worthy to be called your Child. Not because of who I am, but because of who you are!  I give you all that I am, and all that I am NOT. I pray I will hear the voice of your Holy Spirit, and your Holy Spirit will Teach, lead, me and direct, me all the days of my life! From this moment on YAHUSHUA of Calvary and Nazareth I accept you as Almighty God, Lord, and Savior, and my Heavenly Father, healer, teacher, and best friend. Help me never to bring you shame. In your name YAHUSHUA I ask and thank you and believe in faith that it is done! My soul belongs to YOU  alone YAHUSHUA!  I now choose to put you first in my life, and love, and worship you above anything or anyone! Come YAHUSHUA Come quickly is my prayer! Live your life in me, for your Praise, Honor, Glory. Thank you for  forgiving me of all of my sins  as I forgive others. Help me to live Holy for you, and use me! Please YAHUSHUA fill me until overflowing with your Holy Spirit, and gifts. Bless me dear YAHUSHUA. I pray  in your Holy name drive out of me all that is Unholy with your shed blood of Calvary! Set me free and Save me!  No Compromises, I have decided to follow YAHUSHUA and NO turning back! Back off Satan you no longer have a claim on me! YAHUSHUA's Blood  is against you and your demons, by the power of God, and I am FREE! For whom YAHUSHUA has set free is FREE indeed! Today I am born again, a Holy Sprit filled, Believer and on my way to Heaven! Blessed be the name of the LORD Jesus Christ (YAHUSHUA Messiah). There is NO other savior!  Give me the desire to read your bible and help me understand. Amen.

Now this was just written under the anointing of the Holy Ghost!  Please let me know if I didn't answer your questions. If you can print out the salvation prayer, and give it to others.  But dearest one know that YAHUSHUA will have his Holy Spirit witness through you, and you will know how to lead souls to YAHUSHUA.

Much love your Sister in YAHUSHUA

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah

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