Profess To Accept YAHUSHUA and
Really Mean It!

My Daughter, write as the Holy Spirit gives the revelation. I want you to know that in the days ahead you will see a surfacing of debris that will astound you. Do not be afraid, do not run... rather praise Me your Lord and God, for in this revelation I will cause to stand forth the sinners of My people, and those who have not yet surrendered to Me. I have striven long with sin...and I am weary with repenting. FALSE REPENTANCE MEANS NOTHING TO ME. No. it means less than nothing. False repentance is the scourge of mankind. This is when one pats themselves on the back for calling out My Name, when their heart is far from Me. This is a scourge worse than lukewarmness which I also hate. False conversions abound in this land... that is the main reason for religious confusion. Spirits of deceit are rampant in this land. This nation is becoming a habitation of demons, as religious spirits prevail.

My Daughter, I call upon you in love, to reprimand the prophets who take My calls of salvation lightly. I, Almighty God, do not take this lightly. I watched in horror as sin crucified My only beloved Son, the Lord Yashua Messiah. I watched as the pure lifeblood of His sinless body poured onto the ground, so that My people could receive eternal life, escaping the fires of Hell.

My Pastors cry, "Close your eyes, and accept YAHUSHUA. Keep it secret, and accept YAHUSHUA. Come to the altar only if you wish, and accept YAHUSHUA. Don't bother to count the cost when you accept YAHUSHUA as your Lord and Savior." My Pastors do a grave, grave disservice by promoting an easy way, for this way leads to many false conversions. Repentance must take place deep, deep, deep in the heart of those I call to My Son. True repentance is NEVER a secret thing. It must be proclaimed wide and near. There is never shame or embarrassment with true Godly repentance. My Holy Spirit when breaking forth in true repentance upon a person causes them to desire to share, and spread the good news abroad. False conversions, My Daughter, are done silently and in secret. No one is to look upon the supposed repentant person. It is to be secret one looking... eyes closed. WHO My daughter does their work in secret...WHO My child does their work in darkness? I ask of you, and I ask of My Pastors this question. I require of My Pastors, of My Evangelists, to repent of their leading to false conversions. Tell them to counsel those desiring to accept YAHUSHUA. Tell them to counsel and pray in the the open. Tell them to make certain that the person who lifts their hand, or who profess to accept YAHUSHUA, really means it. And to be sure they understand the seriousness of their decision from the depths of their heart. Eternal Life or Eternal Death hang on this decision. This decision is to be made in the light the presence of My eyes hearts.

Only the enemy of your souls works in darkness, in secret. Satan, the destroyer of souls works with blinders on shut eyes...secret, secret. I the Lord God grieve by my Spirit at the false conversions in this land. Tell My Pastors to repent. Tell them the converts who are truly called by My Spirit must shout it from the housetops that they have been Born Again. All things, I the Lord God do, are done in the light. The light is Christ. Tell the converts to count the cost of true conversion. The road to Eternal life is not an easy one. Converts must be willing to surrender to Jesus Christ [YAHUSHUA Messiah] completely. I am weary with false repentance...I am grieving with such nonsense. Tell My pastors, tell My people, TRUE REPENTANCE...TRUE SALVATION comes forth IN THE LIGHT... never in secret places, thus saith the Lord your God.
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