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Re: Flooding

9.10.2002 - Visions


Dear Sister Elisabeth Elijah...

The dream about the flood in the city:

The third of August, 2002, around 3: 00 a.m., I had a dream that I was with my cousin Raymond in my apartment. We were in the room talking. Suddenly I looked through the window and I saw the waters rising slowly. The colour of the waters were navy blue. In a few moments the waters started to come by the window, then I said to my cousin, "Let's go, we are going to drown in this place!" I looked for my shoes so fast but I could not find them, so I left without them. The same morning, around 6: 30 a.m., I was awakend from my sleep hearing a voice in my room saying to me, "Go to Egypt." Then I looked around me but I didn’t see anyone. I saw the person that was talking to me in the spirit but not in the flesh. This person was a tall and slim man around thirty years old.

Event after the dream:

On the 12th of August, 2002, I heard on the news about the huge flood that covered Europe and Asia. The water level was around 8 meters above limit. The waters were raising 80 centimetres every hour. Ninety nine people died and a quarter of a million people were evacuated according to the updated news on August 16th, 2002. In China 24 people died in mud slides. In Mexico 2 dams burst and many people were evacuated.

8.13.2002 - Interpretation

From: Julian B To: "Rev. E. Sherri Elijah"

Hi Dear Sister S. Elijah...

Your vision: It is true; the leaders of this world are hungry sharks and evil doers.

Interpretation: The dams tat shall be opened are the glaciers that are in North Pole. The icebergs are the gates, which hold the water from spreading. Man-made floods will cover the world, but not YAHUVEH. YAHUVEH spoke to me in a vision 6 years ago, [He told me that El Nino is the one of the three reasons that destroys this world. And He mentioned about the hot air that will be over the ocean that shall cause the waters to rise.] At that time I didn’t know anything about El Nino, but on the same day of the vision, it was announced to me by YAHUVEH, I heard about El Nino on TV, which was for the first time I heard about El Nino. Then I knew what YAHUVEH meant when He said "El Nino" to me three times, because I kept asking Him, "Is that this name of a city?" But he kept on correcting me three times in a vision by saying the word "El Nino" three times. And when I heard it on TV, I knew that YAHUVEH meant the phenenom of El Nino, but not a city. El Nino is caused by global warming, and by nuclear tests. And the hot air shall cause the ocean level to rise and will evaporate the waters from the rivers and from the seas and turn it to huge rains to flood this world.

If the gates were meant real dams’ gates, it would mean that YAHUVEH was prophesying about one country but not global.

I told you last week about the flood that I saw in my dream, which I believe now that it is from YAHUVEH.

Updated news related to our visions: I heard this morning on the CTV Canadian news about huge flood in Europe, in Central Asia, Germany, Austria and all over Europe. 1,000 persons died already, and 50,000 were evacuated, the level of the water will reach 6 feet in the end of this day. The flood is caused by global warming. YAHUVEH promised not to flood the earth any more but man-made floods will cover this world. The glaciers of the North Pole started to melt, two of kilometers wide of glaciers melted and shifted already last week only because of global warming.

They announced today also on CTV Canadian news that an asteroid will hit the earth this month, IT IS NOT the same as the one that they predicted for the year 2027.

In the same day, the flood hits Bangladesh and Pakistan also because of global warming. They said that Canada would be next, which could take few days or few weeks. The last two days we have extreme hot weather, which could lead to a flood (I hope not). The global warming causes dryness in the area before flooding, and this dryness will cause major problems in generating electricity. They announcee on the CTV news in the same day also that the global warming that is caused by the pollutions and from the nuclear testing, which is building a huge brown cloud of 2 miles thick in the sky over India and Indonesia, and it will spread all over the world in one week time. Over 100,000 persons die every year related to respiratory problems in India and in Indonesia, and 160,000 persons in Canada also. All theses deaths are related to pollutions, which is from green home gas and nuclear tests.

I had a dream 6 years ago about a thick brown cloud that covers the earth, I was holding a book, which written on it the 24 or the 22 of May, the year was not mentioned.

May the Spirit of YAHUVEH bless you abundantly

Shalom from brother Julian

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