Are You Smug In Your Own Salvation?
October 4, 1998

As in the day of Noah the people mocked, and Oct. 4, 1998 they mock but this won't stop YAHUSHUA from returning for HIS Bride!

The Holy Spirit and the Bride say "Come, Lord YAHUSHUA, Come!" YAHUSHUA has a way of escape for his beloved Bride His Children and Servants! Just believe, HE will provide a way of escape!

The Heavens convulse and labor as the sky brings forth the Son of GOD YAHUVEH! YAHUSHUA'S coming! Read the signs of the end-times! Look up our redemption draweth nigh! Then read 'Get ready for a Shock, Gabriel has already blown the Shofar Horn'. The Bible says as the disciples witnessed YAHUSHUA going up in the clouds so we will see HIM return in the clouds! Are you Ready? Or are you part of the Bride of YAHUSHUA Messiah that is in a deep spiritual coma! Wake up today! In the NAME of YAHUSHUA MESSIAH or are you the Counterfeit Bride! Change your clothes and put on YAHUSHUA'S robes of white, HIS righteousness, not ours! Our righteousness is as filthy rags the Bible says compared to YAHUVEH'S and YAHUSHUA'S perfection and Holiness!

The sound waves have been blocked thus far! As a war with satan and his demons wage in the heavenlies! But only for an appointed time! The first sound waves were to warn the prophets and only heard by a select few, who would then tell me or the other prophets bold enough to speak it forth!

Next time all the Bride of YAHUSHUA MESSIAH will hear it! YAHUSHUA gave me a vision when I was speaking on the phone with another prophet in Hawaii named Barb, (Bobby to her friends :) This was Oct. 3, 1998 we were under the anointing and having church via the phone, I called her. The Holy Ghost showed me a vision of two is laying in bed and she is dressed in white bridal gown waiting for her Bride Groom YAHUSHUA! She is pleasing to the sense of smell perfumed and beautiful with her finest jewels on.

The other Bride is in a pale off white faded bridal gown. And she is a stench to the nostrils of YAHUSHUA! She also is waiting, but HE is not coming for this counterfeit Bride! This is the disobedient church. This is the lukewarm, if YAHUSHUA comes, he comes, but I really don't want to hear about it church! This is the church that thinks abortion and homosexuality is not offensive in the eyes of the ONE who wrote its an abomination in YAHUVEH'S eyes! Yet they quote the same scriptures, preach out of the same Bible and say in the name of YAHUSHUA Messiah and yet the Lord YAHUSHUA says your a stench to HIS nostrils! These are not my words but the words the Holy Ghost gave me Oct 3, 1998.

YAHUSHUA will not come near you as you appear now! You take up offerings and use it for your own personal satisfaction. You call yourself a GOD and preach doctrine of devils. Your on the airwaves and many are famous. You preach YAH is a God of Love but never speak about the side that GOD is Almighty in wrath and war. You speak of positive and things itching ears want to hear and even believe in Heaven but you don't dare warn of Hell or repentance and turn away from sins! Ministers the blood of the unsaved will be on your hands!

The Lord YAHUSHUA awoke me grieving for he said so few Christians were going and listening to the warning at the Hell site, see index menu, and they didn't think they needed to hear the song given to me of a real Citizen in Hell being sung right now. Nearly 7 years ago YAHUSHUA did what the rich man who went to Hell asked YAH to do, and that was send back a person from Hell to warn his brothers how awful Hell is! YAHUSHUA gave me an open vision of the first level of Hell! I heard the song being sung by a fallen preacher of YAHUSHUA Messiah. A man that never came back to the saving grace of YAHUSHUA Messiah!

There is no beauty in Hell of any kind. Even Liberace plays off key in Hell. YAHUSHUA told me that. Sorry, Liberace is not in Heaven. :( But how few will listen. The best singer sings off key and ugly in Hell! No beauty in hell of any kind! This happened to me March 9, 1992 and the song has been gathering dust in my drawer until this appointed time!

If you know someone suicidal send them to this link for their souls sake. YAHUVEH told me when we as Christians commit suicide, when I questioned him where the person goes...He just told me words I still remember "You will appear before an angry JEHOVAH!"(Read Elisabeth's Testimony)

YAHUSHUA said the congregation coming here are SMUG in there own Salvation and selfishly think they don't have to hear what YAHUSHUA told me to tell the world. But what they fail to realize, someone you know will be "A Citizen In Hell." Who is it going to be? What friend? What member of your family, even distant family? What Neighbor? The burden should be greater on you, like it is me after you hear the horror of the song and explanation of what I saw and heard!

I paid a price with my health to bring this song to the world through the anointing of the Holy Ghost. I became very sick and thought I would die just getting a glimpse of Hell. On the 10th day YAHUSHUA said, "Now sing this song." You will hear my voice sound like the devil taunting! Demons mocking! Souls screaming in torment! Actual words being sung that I heard in Hell right now. Why aren't the Pastors writing me and saying they will take this to their congregation?

None have thus far. I am accused of pride by my enemies. Yet I tell you this, I have been given the anointing to sing and write gospel songs by the Holy Ghost. Yet not any of the beautiful songs, sung in a normal voice, has the promise that this song has. At least a million souls will come to YAHUSHUA after hearing this song. The reprobate will laugh and mock. Their names were never found in the Lambs book of Life! Jeremiah 6: 27-30

But those that need more than just YAHUSHUA's love to compel them as it states in the Book of Jude in the Bible, some cometh by fear! I can't scare you into Heaven but if you know someone that needs scared away from hell please copy and send this explanation and song to them! I have made myself look like a fool for the sake of YAHUSHUA Messiah so souls would be warned and they won't be a Citizen in Hell. Many Pastors don't want to offend and won't teach. The bible plainly says "Jacob I have loved, Esau I have hated!" Yes YAH hated some people. Pharaoh was created for YAHUVEH's wrath! Pastors preach the truth, your held accountable.

Robert Schuller your in your Crystal Cathedral and life looks so wonderful as you smile, never offending anyone. But I tell you your deeds are not pleasing unto the Lord YAHUSHUA! Repent today! Change your off white garment and put on the Wedding Robe of YAHUSHUA! Sparkling white! Your prayers are wishy washy and you pray blessings on our political leaders no matter what they do to offend the Kingdom of Heaven. Yes, I also pray for our leaders but its that they repent so they don't go to Hell. Your sacrifices are a stench to the nostrils of YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH. Repent today!

Be YE Holy as YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH, and the HOLY GHOST is Holy! For the most part the Bride of YAHUSHUA Messiah lays in a Spiritual coma. If YAHUSHUA would have come on Rosh Hashanah how few would be taken back home. Watch the signs in the Heavens as once before it shouted the coming of our Savior when YAHUSHUA was born. The Star was given as a sign, so watch the sky and know this. As we see all these things come about "Look up our redemption truly draweth nigh!

The Holy Spirit showed me last night Oct. 4, 1998 early morning. Even the Rapture is going to be counterfeited by satan. The Government will use UFO and radiation for the reason the dead in Christ YAHUSHUA raises. Satan will have an army of dead raising also. Read the prophecy " Get ready for a shock Gabriel has already Blown his Horn." There is a time lapse. Beware of the counterfeit rapture. UFO's are real but they come from Hell. Abductions have already taken place. Next step will be a mass amount of people disappear! Its later than we think.

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah

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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5