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Which train you going to take? The Glory Train to Heaven or the Hell Train to Hell! It is your choice, yet for me and my house, we chose to follow our Lord, and the Glory Train to Heaven for the trip will be for eternity, no turning back once you arrive, you have chosen the trip which you must take HERE ON EARTH BEFORE YOU DEPART FOR THIS ETERNAL RIDE!

Unlike the life we now live here determines the track you will depart from into eternity. That trip is permanent pre-determined by the ticket which you purchase down here on earth, bound for eternity tracks to heaven or hell!

Which track are you headed on, quick before it is to late, come and listen to the words of the Holy Spirit, he’s the conductor on the glory train, quickly before it is to late! For tomorrow may be too late, to late to change the train.

Come and hear the words which the Holy Spirit spoke for all to hear. For there is only one way to heaven on this glory train, and that is through the only one who paid the price for all mankind, for all to be saved from the train to hell, He Paid the ticket Price that None Other Could Ever Do! For He Suffered the Sins of All Mankind, He is Called the Holy One of Israel, for he came into this world without all of the worldly credentials that world expected from the King of Kings.  (not birthed in a mansion but a stable with animals and straw to lay his baby head!) born from a virgin! Remaining sinless his entire life! Not that he wasn't tempted the bible says 'he was tempted yet NEVER did sin' he had to be a perfect sacrifice to pay the penalty for OUR sins.

YAHUSHUA Messiah (YAHUSHUA Messiah) had to willingly lay down his life for US on the cross crucified and was tortured by being beaten till he barely resembled a man! Huge spikes driven in his hands and feet for US!

Crown of thorns placed upon his head! Have you ever pricked yourself with thorns? Hurts doesn't it? Imagine them being fashioned as a crown and jammed on your head! He is GOD he didn't have to do this but for OUR sins he did this!

YAHUSHUA Messiah shed his lifegiving, delivering, saving, healing, ressurection blood so Satan would have no claim on our souls! Satan was punished for sinning against God! So Father God YAHUVEH demanded we be punished also but he didn't want to have to send US to HELL so he gave his ONLY begotten son to pay the punishment for US!

Why because he LOVED US before we even knew him! Our names were all before him before the foundation of the earth, that means before the earth was even created! Our Heavenly Father knew who's name was written in Heaven! He loved you and me and had YAHUSHUA pay the price for our sins while we are yet sinners!

Yes, right now no matter what you have done, or haven't done, ALL have sinned and fell short of the Glory of our perfect Heavenly Father! Yes, even preachers. Actually we are even held more accountable for the more we know the more we are held accountable for! Just say the salvation prayer at the bottom and you will NOT have to worry whether your ticket to Heaven is validated! it is with the shed blood of YAHUSHUA Messiah! His name alone could pay the high cost of the ticket to heaven! Its called the salvation prayer. Its so simple the bible says even a child can do it!

Just confess your sins to YAHUSHUA, he knows everything you have done and even thought! The bible says he knows how many hairs are on your head. Don't you think he knows your every thought?

You may fool others, but you can't fool the one who gave you the brain in the first place! So ADMIT your a sinner, then REPENT, tell YAHUSHUA your sorry, and ask him to come into your heart to change you and help you to become more like him. Now you have repented...next TURN AWAY from your sins ...sin is anything you know displeases our Perfect, Holy YAHUSHUA. If YAHUSHUA wouldn't do it then you try not to!

Love YAHUSHUA and tell others you love YAHUSHUA and live your life so it pleases YAHUSHUA , and Father God YAHUVEH and the Holy Spirit! Read the Bible so you know what is right and wrong. Get together with other believers who love and serve YAHUSHUA so your faith can be shared.

Last thing is remember YAHUSHUA Messiah is YOUR Savior! You won't still be perfect! None of US are! Our YAHUSHUA is the ONLY perfect one. But that is why he is called Savior! If we didn't ever sin, we wouldn't need a savior. Not to say you purposely sin, Heaven forbid! But when you accidentally do know that your not perfect just forgiven. Have faith to believe YAHUSHUA Messiah Blood is so pure and Holy and you ask him to wash all your sins away with that perfect blood and they shall be thrown in the sea of forgetfulness where only the devil goes fishing to throw them back in your face! But NEVER YAHUSHUA!

When the devil reminds you of your past, just remind him of his future, the Lake of Fire! And eventually complete destruction! Praise YAHUSHUA! Satan, Hell, no longer has a claim on your soul! Because YAHUSHUA not only died but he arose again on the 3rd day, after going to Hell Victorious and taking the keys of Hell and Death from the devils hands, proving once more that YAHUSHUA Messiah's name is VICTORY and the BATTLE is already WON! That reminds me those are lyrics from a song the Holy Spirit wrote through me, and its about exactly what I have just written.

Awesome isn't it? YAHUSHUA paid the price for all mankind, a man without sin, with the heart of his Father God YAHUVEH. YAHUSHUA, a heart of pure love, having no malice found in Him, He suffered pain as no other man has other known, taking our sins to the cross of Calvary, shedding his pure blood, so that we may be saved. His flesh beaten beyond recognition so we could be healed, this is our YAHUSHUA, our Savior, our Messiah, and he wants only that you believe on him, so that you to may have everlasting life, and go on that glory train to heaven!

For he knows the lies of the devil, for he seeks to destroy the ones who do not know our Lord and Saviour. The Devil wants your company on his road to hell, he ‘s tricked you into thinking that his evil is pleasures, like the beguiling of Eve in the garden, no new tricks here, he just gives it a new spin for the generation he is deceiving.

Yes, he wants you to join him on his trip, the train to hell, the damnation train has no way out, for it is the eternal damnation train full of tortures, the devil just wants you to think that is the pleasure train, he wants you to join him on his road through eternal hell, for there are many steps down, for torture has no limit in hell, there is no water in hell, no thirst quenched in hell, temperatures of boiling hot lava, that have no relief, for the heat of hell knows no bounds, and the devil wants company, for he knows his days are numbered, for his time is running out, so he is stepping up his recruiting tactics, luring, enticing the eyes with the lust that blinds the eyes of man and woman, teenagers!

He wants you to come to his kingdom of hell and torture, for there is no escape out of his hell, no turning back, for it was all a lie from hell to make you think that there was pleasure here, but once you’re gone, he can say, GOTCHA!!!! I LIED, I AM THE GREAT DECEIVER, THE GREAT LIAR, THE ULTIMATE SCAM ARTIST, ONLY MY GAME IS FOR KEEPS, AND ONCE YOU DIE, THERE IS NO TURNING BACK FROM THE TERRORS OF HELL, IF THAT IS THE ROAD WHICH YOU CHOSE TO TAKE. Its your choice, you have been warned salvation or damnation! Choose you this day which God you will serve!

You have Only now to make your reservations for Heaven bound or Hell bound! The Bible says, "man is appointed once to die then there is the judgement!" Don't believe the lies of reincarnation. If there was such a thing, then YAHUSHUA would not have had to die, just wait for you to come back enough times till you become perfect!


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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5