Reservations Please!
Damnation? Or Salvation?


The road to Salvation is so narrow

and it takes faith to travel this road!

So many dangers along this road,

yet we have FAITH

in the one who maintains the road.

He will PROTECT, and GUIDE us!

He will safely get us to our Heavenly Home!

The maintainer of this road is YAHUSHUA Messiah and his Holy Spirit!

All because we made him LORD, RULER of our lives!

The road to Damnation is so broad!

It's easy to travel on this road and it takes NO faith at all.

We can travel at any speed!

We can run over the other cars!

We can even Kill the other drivers just for sport!

We don't have to have any morals,

follow any commandments,

OR believe in a God Almighty or YAHUSHUA Messiah!

We can laugh and mock at the bible!

We have no Map to follow!

No one can tell us which way to go on this road.

There are many paths and all look so SINFULLY FUN!

We have traveled most of all the roads,

drugs, booze, adultery, greed, stealing, lying,

fornication, homosexuality, murder, abortion.

The list goes on!

There is no end in sight.

We can do what we want and NOT pay any attention

 to the little signs that were warning us!

The cross we seen every once in a while

to remind us to turn back before it was to late!

But who pays attention to a map called the bible?

Heck that's just for them bible thumpers!

Who believes in a God Almighty Supreme in ALL ways?

The creator of Heaven and Earth and all that lies between!

We prefer to believe in evolution!

Yeah that's it, that's the ticket! Evolution!

Believing in Creation is for them Christians,

who think they have to answer to the biggest road sign of all,


But NOT us!

We just passed the Cross again,

just insulted some driver

who tried to flag us down.

For we are Speeding down a winding road

and this Bible thumper tries to yell

something like these words:







But we just look at the Bible Thumper

and mock and laugh!

"No way Jose,

we're NOT going to live our lives Holy!"

What a bore!

Turning the corner

now picking up speed.

Gee it's hard to see now,

darker then I ever remembered.

What's that up ahead?

It looks like ! it can't be !


Aaaaargh!'s a DEAD END!


Blood everywhere!

Our blood, NOT Christ's blood!

We look at our body.

It's mangled and in so many pieces

laying everywhere!

We've fallen into a huge pit!

What does that sign say?


Someone evil and ugly.

Demonic faces and long claws

are pulling me.

"Where are you taking me??"

Pulling me toward that sign!

It says...

I can barely make it out,

seems to be so dark here

yet the sign glows in Fire!

It says HELL! NO!

My friends told me HELL wasn't real! This can't happen!

 The screams are all around me!

Wait, that's ME screaming!

Why is this happening?

Then I remember the cross,

the map that was called the BIBLE!


HE was the only way

I could have avoided that DEAD-END!

All the bible thumpers I insulted,

they really did care!

 Now its TOOO LATE!

"Aaahhhhh! The stench, the ugliness,

no... how long must I stay here??

I want out!

Where are the exit signs?"

Only entrance where ever I look!

 I look to the demons chaining me

 and I ask how long must I stay here?

And they laugh and mock!

With yellow puke green eyes!

(So evil!) as they say:

"we have just begun..

you're here for ETERNITY!

ha ha ha ha

all because you passed that Cross

called YAHUSHUA Messiah's Cross

at Calvary!

Now you're MINE !

You're MY Citizen in HELL!

He he he he he he".

Thank you Sweet Holy Spirit for anointing me once again so souls will be saved! Please use  this to save lost souls! Anoint these words and let NO one reading them choose to mock or laugh. Cause them to repent and say the salvation prayer asking YAHUSHUA  to save their souls and come into their hearts, forgive them of their sins and wash them clean with the blood that was shed for them by our perfect sacrifice: YOU dear LORD who paid the price for OUR sins!

Given to Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah on Easter day 3/30/97 5:36 p.m.

Please USE this to bring the lost sheep to YAHUSHUA Messiah, the ONLY Good Shepherd!

Anyone who accepts the gift of salvation through YAHUSHUA Messiah after reading this, please share your joy with US. The Bible says CONFESS speak and not be ashamed of your decision to make YAHUSHUA LORD and Savior! We will not embarrass  you in any way, only rejoice, as we will look for you in Heaven one day. To be able to say WELCOME to the Family of YAHUSHUA! We LOVE YOU! YAHUSHUA LOVES YOU! You don't have to crash into that dead end, that drop off into the Pit of HELL! If we are wrong in serving YAHUSHUA, we have lost nothing! Those of you who mock or laugh, or deny He is GOD have LOST EVERYTHING! It's your CHOICE! Two roads. You are making your reservations NOW! Will it be Heaven or Hell? It's your CHOICE!

Reservations please? What will it be? You have been warned once again, no one is guaranteed tomorrow. Today is the day for Salvation, Tomorrow may be to late!


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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5