A Poem of YAHUVEH's mercy,
Heaven and Hell

by Jeremiyah Jordan  
Who can measure the oceans?
Or count the stars in the sky?
Who can weigh the earth with scales?
Or tell the sun to rise?

The mercy of YAHU'VAH is measureless
No-one knows it's depth and height
For through the cross of Calvary
Our burdens become light

The road to Heaven is narrow
Not many will choose this path
But popular is the wide road to Hell
That leads to eternal wrath

This world entices with it's pleasures
so many sins to choose
the newspapers make so much money
from selling their bad news

The devil laughs as souls descend
into the pit of Hell
He knows that there is no return
He knows this all too well

You don't know when your life will end
So don't live regretting your past
For YAHU'SHUA cannot save you
When you breathe your last

Now is the hour of Salvation
For your sins YAHU'SHUA died
Accept HIS blood sacrifice on the cross
And know HIS cleansing from wickedness inside

The blood of YAHU'SHUA covers our sins
And washes them all away
What once was black is white as snow
What once was night is brightest day

Heaven is a place of joy
There will be no more sin
Perfection will be evermore
In everyone and everything

Do not let the devil steal
Your soul from such a place
For every time you wink at sin
He is laughing in your face

No sin is worth the torment of Hell
Where the worm never dies
Your conscience will keep reminding you
That you made the choice to compromise

Hell is forever - NO ESCAPE,
The fire never goes out
For all eternity you will hear
Millions of souls scream and shout

What possible reason could you have,
To turn the Saviour down?
To say, "No thanks - not today"
But in your sins continue to drown

YAHU'VAH's terrible judgement is coming soon
And it has already begun
How will you escape HIS wrath
If you reject HIS Son?

There is only one way to YAHU'VAH
YAHU'SHUA is the way
But you will die in the depths of your sins
If you choose to delay and delay

Whatever chains are holding you prisoner
YAHU'SHUA has the master key
Turn from your sins and believe upon HIM
And HE will set you free


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