1st Email From Justin!

Plus Elisabeth's Response...


I am wondering how long this will all last. I am wondering how long you, will last. Perhaps YAHUVEH will call thee home soon. What do you think about that? it would be no burden to me, no, not in the least, not at all. Perhaps your true testing, Perhaps your true testing, is yet to come. You see i am tired of this place, tired of this planet, tired of these pigs, pigs you work so hard to save. Which means you are the same as them. Pigs who spit in the face of kindness, well, we will see, we will see, when i get my laugh in their faces, they will love it, i will love it. They will see this, they will be blinded by the glory of the light, they will see, they will see, they will be blind.

Sincerely, The Son Of Wisdom

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You write me an email letting me know I may be dying soon. You threaten me and ask, "How long will I last? How long will this Ministry last?"

Lets put it this way, "I shall live and not die to continue to declare the works of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! I shall live longer than you if you don't repent very quickly and turn your life over to YAHUSHUA!

No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue that riseth against me shall be condemned. This is the heritage of the saints of YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ)

You don't want to mess with me Justin, unless you want to be put in YAHUVEH'S wine press of Wrath! My Heavenly Father has a Meat Grinder where his enemies, who are my enemies, are sent when I ask him to do so.

Are you asking for me to pray this prayer to my Heavenly Father YAHUVEH in the name of YAHUSHUA? You're not the first nor the last that has said I would die for preaching YAHUSHUA'S messages, and leading souls to YAHUSHUA, but you really don't want to know what YAHUVEH has done and will do to the enemies of this Ministry.

I forgive them, like I forgive you, for you know not what you are doing, you are demon possessed and driven by Satan. However if you continue, I do have a Heavenly Father that will grind you up in that Holy Meat Grinder reserved for YAHUVEH'S enemies called the Wine Press of YAHUVEH'S wrath. If you insist on threatenng my life I will ask my Daddy YAHUVEH to take vengeance on you. Please don't make me have to do that. Ok?

Prophecy 80

I love being the Daughter of YAHUVEH and Bride of YAHUSHUA knowing I will return back to Heaven when my Messiah comes again. How do you like being the son of satan? Filled with his demons that force you to write letters like you have written to me? Wouldn't you like to be free of those demons? Wouldn't you like to know you will go to Heaven not hell when you die?

You have not sinned too much that the shed blood of YAHUSHUA can't save you, if you so choose. Just write me back and let me know, The blood that YAHUSHUA shed is for you also.

You are not the son of wisdom, because you have chosen to serve a loser like satan, and you have chosen to threaten me, and you have chosen hell over heaven. I call you the son of stupidity! The ultimate fool of fools!

I wonder...do you know when you leave this planet where your next home will be? I dare you to listen to the link below and read the words and then write me back. You see, I don't want you to make your reservation for hell, I care about your soul where you have ceased caring about it.

What has made you so bitter at such a young age? Who has hurt you so much that you want to die? This is the way you feel, isn't it? Why don't you realize you have written to the Last Chance Ministry and threatened me and yet it was not an accident. Thus far you have made your reservation for hell. Do you want to know what your new home will be like if you don't repent and turn to YAHUSHUA? How brave are you Justin? I dare you to listen to the entire song of "Citizen in Hell." I dare you to ask YAHUSHUA if this place is real and if your name is written in the book of the damned?

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Satan's light is no match for the one and only GUIDING LIGHT WHO IS YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! THE MESSIAH, THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS! THE SON OF YAHUVEH! THE ONLY DELIVERER! YAHUSHUA IS GOD ALMIGHTY THAT CAME TO THIS EARTH IN THE FLESH BORN FROM A VIRGIN AND LAID HIS LIFE DOWN AND POURED OUT HIS BLOOD SO YOU COULD BE SAVED FROM HELL! YAHUSHUA did NOT stay dead, he arose on the 3rd day and thousands of people saw him with their own eyes and testified. I myself have seen YAHUSHUA with my own eyes! I hear HIS voice!

Justin, come out of the everlasting darkness and I invite you to come into the Heavenly Light of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! No one is guaranteed another day of life on this earth, they make coffins in all sizes for all ages. I know this is your last chance. Please write me back and tell me why you are so full of hatred, I really want to help you if I can.

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah


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