Email From Sheba!

Plus Elisabeth's Response...

Elisabeth is willing to look like a fool to the heathen for the sake of bringing souls to the Kingdom of Heaven, for the glory of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA!

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Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah's reply to Cathy (Sheba) who rebukes and insults Elisabeth for the open vision given to Elisabeth in the "Citizen in Hell" song. This song is literally bringing MILLIONS of souls to YAHUSHUA. It will shortly be sent to Pastor Paul who has a congregation of 1,000 in India and requested it be sent to him.

YAHUSHUA told Elisabeth what to say in the reply, and this question is not only to be sent to this accuser named Cathy (Sheba), but being sent out to others who also have insulted her in similar ways. YAHUSHUA asks the accusers these questions.

Elisabeth has 3 good friends named Kathy. She lovingly calls them, Kathy A, Kathy C, and the newest blessing straight from Heaven that was with her at Purim is Kathy O. Now satan sends an accuser named Cathy who goes by the name of 'Sheba' because he is so angry...because she has been so blessed by the name Kathy. Elisabeth's evil mother's name was Kathy...who is now in hell.

At last, the name Kathy has now been redeemed with the love she receives from her 3 Sisters in YAHUSHUA named Kathy. Elisabeth says there are others out there named Kathy who are called to be her friend also, who are part of the Bride of YAHUSHUA. Now is the time to give the devil a black eye and come forward and speak and introduce yourself. Elisabeth says, can anyone ever have too many friends and a loving family?

Elisabeth gave this woman a chance to repent, and she refuses. In fact she sends further insults. YAHUSHUA told her to write the below and ask the Bride of YAHUSHUA to stand in agreement with her.

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[Sheba's Email Removed]

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From: "Rev.Elisabeth Elijah" [Contact Us]
To: Sheba [cathyr*****]
Subject: RE: hell song I have been made to look like a fool for YAHUSHUA
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006


I know what I am doing to work for the Kingdom of Heaven and how I am being used to bring souls to Heaven. I know how many millions have accepted YAHUSHUA as Messiah after hearing that "Citizen in Hell," that ugly song that produces the most beautiful fruit...salvation!

My question is this...what are you doing? How many millions of souls have you reached for YAHUSHUA? Many people are given a last chance to forsake unholiness and embrace Holiness by asking forgivness for their sins and accepting YAHUSHUA as Messiah and turning away from evil. YAHUSHUA gave me this song to reach the 'last chancers.' How many of these Last chancers have you reached? How many suicides have you been used to stop?

My questions for you is all of the above. With all due respect, I know YAHUSHUA is telling me to write all that I have written instead of just ignoring your email which I found in my junk. I told YAHUSHUA it should remain there and started to delete it and HE stopped me and said, "Write this..."

So I have obeyed. Now search yourself and write back. I am willing to accept your apology if you are so inclined. If not, then this was your last chance. I don't determine who goes to Heaven or Hell, we all work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, because our soul knows what choice we already made before we were even birthed on earth.

Read Prophecy 71, "What is sealed is now revealed." Mock me if you want, I have proven I am willing to look like a fool before the world for the sake of bringing souls to YAHUSHUA. Can you say the same? Satan is the accuser of the brethern and you are being used by satan. I have been told to share your email with my response. If you want to apologize, do it quickly and I pray that you will for your soul's sake.

In closing I do this for one reason...What is the price of a soul?

I have nothing more to say to you, you are reprobate! Jerimiah 6 17-21. I have just sent your email to our site manager and our lists to be posted. I am not draconian but you are the serpent's seed sent to torment me, and I tell you in the name of YAHUSHUA I ASK ABBA YAHUVEH TO THROW YOU INTO THE WINEPRESS OF HIS WRATH, MIND, BODY, SPIRIT AND SOUL YOU WILL GO! That was your last chance to repent.

Offending some, enlightening others in the name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH,

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah


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